Where do you park for St Catherine’s Hill Winchester?

Where do you park to walk St Catherine’s Hill?

There is a car park just north of the hill where you can pick up the footpaths to the hill. You could also walk from the centre of town which is only about a mile away. If you’re coming by bike then National Cycle Network route 23 runs right past the hill along the river.

How long is St Catherine’s Hill Walk?

Winchester and Saint Catherine’s Hill Circular is a 4.6 mile out and back trail located near Winchester, Hampshire, England that features a lake and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from March until October.

How many steps up St Catherine’s Hill Winchester?

333 steps to the top – St Catherine’s Hill.

Why is St Catherine’s Hill such a good place for an Iron Age fort?

Iron Age settlers built a fort on the hill 2,500 years ago. Its circular ramparts ringed the top of the hill, giving ample opportunity to observe the surrounding countryside.

How high is St Catherine’s Hill Winchester?

The hill stands 70m above the river valley with 100+ steps on the north and south sides.

Where is St Catherines Island?

St. Catherines Island is a privately owned barrier island situated midway on the Georgia coast. Located in Liberty County about fifty miles south of Savannah, the undeveloped island is about ten miles long and one to three miles wide.

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When was the Winchester bypass built?

Opening on February 1st, 1940, it was one of the first fully dual carriageway bypasses in the country, although it was largely not grade separated, which proved to be its downfall. Today, most of the road has been obliterated, with only the very northern section still recognisable as its original form.

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