Where is the shotgun in re2?

It is locked behind a cabinet at the end of the Safety Deposit Room in Police Station 1F, on the west side. It’s the same room as the Storage Locker Terminal Memo File, as well as a Storage Locker terminal and various locked cabinets.

How do you unlock the re2 shotgun?

In front of the lamp is the weapons locker keycard. With the card in tow, all that’s left now is to go back to the Main Hall, through our newly-created shortcut in the West Office, and back to the safety deposit room. You’ll find the shotgun or grenade launcher at the end of the room with a card reader to the right.

What do I do with the remake of Red Jewel re2?

For the Red Jewel you are actually looking for a second object: the bejeweled box. It can be found in the Observation Room. Once you have it, just select either it or the Red Jewel from your inventory and combine the two items. They will open to reveal an RPD badge.

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What is the code for the Unicorn statue in Resident Evil 2?

When you’re inside the Lounge, simply interact with the Unicorn Statue and enter the code shown in the Officer’s Notebook. Unicorn Statue code: Fish, Scorpion, Jug.

What are the safe codes in Resident Evil 2?

Resident Evil 2: Remake safe codes

  • 1st Floor, west office safe combination: left 9, right 15, left 7 (rewards hip pouch)
  • 2nd Floor, east wing waiting room safe combination: left 6, right 2, left 11 (muzzle break for Leon, extended mag for Claire)


How do you get past explosive barricade in RE2?

Early in your exploration of the R.P.D. in Resident Evil 2 you may have come across a barricade with C4 stuck to the front of it on the third floor (West Storage Room). The nearby note says all you need to do it detonate the C4 to get through, but there’s no detonator to be seen.

Can you go back to the police station in RE2?

Question: How do you go back to the police station in Resident Evil 2? Answer: If playing as Leon, you can turn on the power in the Generator Room and head back in from the corridor next to the Firing Range. If playing as Claire, you can use the Diamond Key to activate the elevator leading you to the Chief’s Office.

Where is the keycard in re2?

The Weapons Locker Key Card is located in the Art Room in the east side of Police Station 2F. You’ll need the Spade Key to access the corridor it leads to, so make sure you have that first. The Weapons Locker Key Card is straight ahead of you when you enter the Art Room.

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How do I get a keycard for re2 Claire’s parking card?

Since the door to the East Hall is is locked by a Heart Door, take the other door down to a shorter hall leading to the Private Collection Room. In here you’ll find a High-Grade Gunpowder on a shelf, and near it is a locked cage where you can see the Parking Garage Key Card dangling just out of reach.

Where is the weapons locker in Cold War zombies?

Weapons Locker appears in the Echoes Of A Cold War mission. You will find the Weapons Locker after you fell off a zipline and is in the underground part of the Radar Complex. As you move past the frozen bodies, enter the room to your left.

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