Why are SKS rifles so expensive?

They came in and they were sold. The norinco ones may be surplus or new, but Yugoslavia only made so many. china is much larger and is willing to stockpile older rifles longer to arm more people. So they came in and were sold and now are at market prices instead of surplus prices.

Why did SKS prices go up?

Once the sources of import or domestic release dries up for any set of military firearms, the primary market goes away. The demand for these items remains, but the only supply is now from the secondary market. Prices go up. This has happened with the SKS, Lee Enfield, Mosin Nagant, etc.

Is SKS better than AK?

Many experts say that the SKS has better accuracy than an AK-47. The SKS has a more rigid construction than the AK-47’s loose tolerance. Because of the longer barrel, the SKS has a longer sight radius, and because of the less violent action, the SKS has a very slight advantage when it comes to accuracy.

Should I sell my SKS?

I sold my SKS a few years ago and regret it to this day. It didn’t have any sentimental value, I just liked it but needed the money. But if you have no attachment to it, you should sell yours. If you are afraid you will miss it, replace it with something nicer immediately.

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Is an SKS a good rifle?

Overall the SKS is a fine rifle and, while there is not significant usage of it in hunting, the SKS excels in target shooting and home defense. … Its common nickname as the “poor man’s AK” is incredibly unfitting; the SKS-45 is a weapon excellent in stature and potency.

Are SKS rifles going up in value?

The new value of a SKS rifle has risen $144.25 dollars over the past 12 months to a price of $884.88 . … The demand of new SKS rifle’s has fallen 7 units over the past 12 months. The demand of used SKS rifle’s has risen 45 units over the past 12 months.

The SKS, not surprisingly, is a popular hunting rifle. Due to its known mid-to-longer range ability, the SKS rifle is commonly used to hunt deer. The only downfall in using the gun as a hunting rifle is the lack of a scope or ability to mount one. The original design was created with an iron sight only.

How durable is an SKS?

The SKS is about the most durable semi auto you could hope for. They were built to continue cycling when the temps get down to 40 below and even colder. That’s why it throws the casings 10 yds to the right.

How much is a SKS m worth?


A SKS M rifle is currently worth an average price of $817.88 new and $770.73 used .

Will an SKS kill a bear?

Get a bullet inside the brain cavity of that thick skull or smash the spine and the bear will go down. But the SKS is not an ideal choice for bear killing. The skull could very easily deflect a bullet.

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What caliber is 7.62 x39 equal to?

7.62×39 is the rough equivalent of a 30-30.

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