You asked: Can I bring ammo into NY?

Under New York State law, just the transporting of ammunition is not per se illegal.

Can non residents buy ammo in New York?

New York Ammunition Sale Blocked to Non Resident.

Can ammo across state lines?

Well, you can buy ammunition out of state, but to bring it into California, you first have to ship it to a licensed California ammunition vendor so they can perform a background check and hand your ammo back to you. The law does not limit the fee the vendor can charge for this service.

How many rounds of ammo can you buy in NY?

New York limits any person to putting seven rounds of ammunition into a magazine, unless the person is at an incorporated firing range or competition recognized by the National Rifle Association or International Handgun Metallic Silhouette Association, in which case the limit is ten rounds.

Do you need a license to buy ammo New York?

Basically, anyone can buy ammo, but in order to use any said ammo in a pistol, NYS requires you to have a pistol permit.

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Can you take ammo on plane?

All firearms, ammunition and parts in checked baggage must be declared at the airline ticket counter during the check-in process. Replica firearms may be transported in checked baggage only. … Rifle scopes are permitted in carry-on and checked bags.

Can you give ammo to a friend?

California prohibits people from supplying ammunition to any person they know or reasonably should know is prohibited from possessing ammunition.21 California law also make it illegal for a person to supply ammunition to a straw purchaser with knowledge or cause to believe that the straw purchaser would subsequently …

How much ammo can you carry?

If you carry a mag-fed pistol — concealed or open —I’d say the minimum is two magazines. Full. Your mag may hold just seven rounds.

Can I open carry a long gun in NY?

BATH, NY (WETM) – New York is one of two states in the US that prohibits openly carrying handguns with the exception of long guns according to the Giffords law center.

Are hollow points illegal in NY?

Hollow Points are not illegal in NY.

What states can you not ship ammo to?

Before placing your order, please do whatever research is necessary to ensure that shipping your order does not violate any local, state, or federal laws. does not ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Massachusetts, California, New York City, or Chicago.

Can I shoot a pistol in NY without a permit?

You must be a resident of New York and have a New York State county of residence issued Pistol Permit to shoot a pistol on our range. However, you may shoot long guns (either your own personal long gun or one of our rentals) in pistol calibers on the range. The only rifle caliber we allow is . 223.

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Can I buy 9mm ammo online in NY?

Under Cuomo’s SAFE ACT no ammo can be purchased online and sent to a home address. A workaround is to find a local sport shop or FFL that will accept shipment from the online store that you bought your ammo from. Usually your local FFL or sport shop will charge you a small fee for the transaction.

What do you need to buy ammunition in NY?

To purchase ammunition we are now required (per NEW YORK state law) to ship only to Federal Firearms Licensed dealers (FFL, no 03 FFL’s) and that also have a New York state Dealer’s License. These MUST be current, valid, & completely legible.

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