You asked: Can you carry a Mossberg shockwave in your car?

If the Shockwave is illegal in your state, then you can’t carry it legally in your car trunk. One of the odd quirks of the law around the Mossberg Shockwave is that the twenty-six inch minimum length of the entire firearm is supposed to be enough that the gun can’t be concealed.

Can you legally carry a Mossberg Shockwave?

The Mossberg Shockwave

Short barreled shotguns without shoulder stocks and less than 26 inches in length are regulated under the NFA because they are easily concealed, and were favored by criminals at the time of the law’s passage. The product debuted to press explaining that yes, it is indeed legal.

Is the Mossberg Shockwave considered a pistol?

Under these regulations the Shockwave is legally considered a “firearm,” not a shotgun. If, at the factory, a brand-new receiver is fitted with a pistol grip first instead of a shoulder stock, it’s considered a Pistol Grip Only (PGO) firearm.

Can you carry a Mossberg shockwave in Texas?

Thanks to efforts by members of the Texas House of Representatives and Texas Senate, House Bill (HB) 1819 passed in May 2017, the Mossberg 590 Shockwave will be legal in the state of Texas, beginning September 1, 2017.

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Can you put a pistol grip on a shockwave?

Mossberg 590 Shockwaves are outfitted with the Shockwave Raptor grip. This semi pistol grip makes it so the overall length of the weapon is over 26 inches. You cannot install a standard 90 degree pistol grip unless it has some kind of extension to keep the overall length 26 inches or more.

Is the Mossberg Shockwave worth it?

If you’re looking for a tiny firearm that fires shotgun shells (and doesn’t require NFA hassle or breaking the law), then the Mossberg Shockwave is for you! However, if you’re weaker or aren’t super confident in your ability to run the pump-action design, you might want to stick to a full-size shotgun.

Is the Mossberg Shockwave a good home defense weapon?

If you live in a jurisdiction where the Shockwave is legal, the Shockwave can be practical for home defense. That’s the short answer. If you live in a jurisdiction where the Shockwave is legal, the Shockwave can be practical for home defense. That’s the short answer.

under the new Texas rules, the Mossberg Shockwave is exempt from section 46.05 and is now legal in Texas. So there you have it. The Mossberg Shockwave is a legal firearm in Texas.

Is the Mossberg Shockwave hard to shoot?

Because it lacks a stock and never had one, the Shockwave is just a firearm. This allows it to have a 14-inch barrel and remain NFA free as long as the over all length remains over 26 inches. Now, these guns are hard to handle, and to me, they were a fun range toy that spits their tongue out at the NFA.

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Is 410 a good home defense?

Specifically, a 410-bore (not “gauge” because the 410 is designated by its approximate caliber — . 410″ — instead of a gauge) for home defense. Some may say, “It’s a shotgun, therefore it’s got to be good for home defense. … The 410 holds a much smaller payload of shot than 20-gauge or 12-gauge shotgun shells.

Do I have to register a Mossberg Shockwave?

The Shockwave has a 14-inch barrel, four inches short of the federal requirement. But Mossberg was careful when designing this firearm. … In a letter to Mossberg, the ATF states that under the NFA this gun does not require registration with the ATF.

Can you put a choke on a Mossberg Shockwave?

Mossberg sells the 590 SHOCKWAVE with four 8-40 holes along the top. Unfortunately, these don’t line up with the holes in the Vang Comp rear sight assembly. … The choke tube system, front sight, and rear sight mounting holes are all complete. That means the metal work on this firearm is complete.

Can I put a pistol grip on a shotgun in Texas?

Texans Can Legally Purchase Shockwave-Style Firearms Starting Sept 1. … By mounting 14-inch barrels on shotgun-based systems just over 26 inches in length, Mossberg and other manufacturers are producing pistol-grip “firearms” in 12 gauge that function like short-barreled shotguns.

Can I turn my Mossberg 500 into a shockwave?

So yes, you can make your own shockwave as long as you start with a Mossberg 500 that came from the factory with a pistol grip, or a virgin receiver like Black Aces used to sell.

Which is better Mossberg shockwave or Remington TAC 14?

While both serve a similar purpose and are great guns, the Shockwave has 1 more round capacity than the Tac-14. It also has a strap underneath the fore-end that the Remington does not have. The Shockwave’s safety is on the top vs. near the trigger guard like the Tac-14.

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