You asked: What is the best shotgun in Red Dead Redemption two online?

Arguably the best gun in the entire game. Sharing the same lever firing system as Red Dead Online’s repeating rifles, the Repeating Shotgun combines gut-punch stopping power with admirable accuracy.

What is the best shotgun in Red Dead 2 online?

Here’s our breakdown of the best shotguns in Red Dead Online and how to get them.

  1. Repeating Shotgun.
  2. Pump-Action Shotgun.
  3. Semi-Auto Shotgun. More like “semi-awesome”. …
  4. Double-Barreled Shotgun. It’s like having angry, explosive twins. …
  5. Sawed-Off Shotgun. The barrel is cut short, just like your opponents will be. …


Is the pump shotgun good in rdr2 online?

The high-powered Lancaster Pump Shotgun has a large ammo capacity and quick reload capabilities. Despite average accuracy, this gun will hold true should you find yourself confronted by wild beast or man in close combat.

Are shotguns good in Red Dead Redemption 2?

Shotguns are ideal for home defense or offense, as they can deal a great amount of damage over a wide area.

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Do bandoliers do anything in rdr2 online?

The Bandolier is a type of belt designed to hold extra ammunition, namely repeater and rifle rounds, and doesn’t affect any other types of ammunition. Once purchased, it appears on certain outfits Marston wears. … When the player is out of ammo, both the Bandolier and the belt do not contain any cartridges.

Is the rare shotgun worth it?

It has better accuracy out of the box and isn’t level locked, plus comes with engraving saving you a lot there. Worth getting if you like that gun.

Is the repeating shotgun better than the pump?

Its slightly higher than the Pump. Unless they’re pretty close its still going to take 2 shots, especially if they have max health. The Semi-Auto will fire off 2-3 rounds before the Pump gets off the 2nd shot. But that’s lvl 42, so there’s not much point in holding off on buying the Pump.

Is the pump or repeating shotgun better?

Kean_1. I bought both and to be honest, I (personally) stick with the repeating shotgun because it holds 6 instead of 5 rounds. However, they’re both effective enough so the only thing IMO is the value. In that sense, the pump is a better value IMO and the first weapon that is unlocked IIRC.

Which is better repeating shotgun or semi auto shotgun?

Repeater has one extra shell, semi auto has a higher fire rate, and pump has the best spread. Although my experience with the semi auto shotgun is that I often end up firing unnecessary shots due to its fire rate, and me being used to manually cycling the other shotguns.

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What is the strongest shotgun in rdr2?

Red Dead Redemption 2 Best Shotguns

Weapon DMG RNG
Double-Barrel Shotgun 2.5 1.5
Pump Action Shotgun 2.2 1.2
Rare Shotgun 2.5 1.2
Repeating Shotgun 2.2 1.2

What is the most powerful gun in rdr2 online?

Slow to fire but packing deadly power, the Bolt-Action Rifle is the most powerful weapon you can buy within your first few hours with Red Dead Online. Super accurate and lethal at range, this gun is perfect for those who like to dish out death from a distance.

What’s the best shotgun in warzone?

The Jak-12 is still the best Warzone shotgun, even after being nerfed in recent updates. Jak-12 is fully automatic with an impressive rate of fire and short TTK. In normal speak, that means you can fire a lot of shots at once, and it won’t take many to down an enemy.

What is the best saddle in rdr2 online?

The Nacogdoches Saddle is the best in Red Dead Online. It unlocks early at rank 35. At $512, it’s one of the most expensive saddles in the game. Price-wise, it falls behind the role saddles and the gold only special saddles, and at the rank it unlocks, costs more than most horses you can buy.

Can you get banned from rdr2 online?

Red Dead Online is currently in the middle of a gold rush. Since early February, players have been using mod menus created by hackers to spawn treasure chests. While this allows them to swipe as many gold bars as they can carry, it’s also getting them banned by Rockstar.

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