You asked: Which states can I ship ammo to?

No matter which shipping carrier you use, you’ll be restricted to Ground services such as UPS Ground or FedEx Ground. As a result, you can only ship ammo within the 48 continental states, Alaska, and Hawaii.

Do you need an FFL to ship ammunition?

ALL AMMO SALES need to ship to either an FFL, CA Ammo Vendor’s license or an 03 FFL with the required C.O.E. (certificate of eligibility). These MUST be current, valid, & completely legible.

Can I ship ammo to family in California?

Mailing ammunition is prohibited by the US Postal Service. Doesn’t CA require background checks for ammunition purchases? If so, that would require shipping the ammo to an FFL.

What states can you not ship ammo to?

Before placing your order, please do whatever research is necessary to ensure that shipping your order does not violate any local, state, or federal laws. does not ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Massachusetts, California, New York City, or Chicago.

Can my friend mail me ammo?

Ammunition is actually on the list of items the US Postal Service prohibits for shipment. USPS prohibits the shipment of ammo both domestically and internationally. Therefore, you’ll need to use another carrier such as UPS or FedEx if you wish to ship ammunition.

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Can California residents buy ammo out of state?

California residents may not buy ammo out of state and bring it back with them. You can buy as much ammo as you want in whatever caliber; you do not need to own a registered gun for the caliber you buy. No purchase permits or safety certificates are required, just the background check.

Hollow-Point-Bullet Ban and Gun Lock Box Law. San Francisco has won a legal victory in a federal appeals court over two ordinances that require handgun owners to lock up their weapons and ban the sale of hollow-point bullets. … Ikuta also wrote that “firearm injuries are the third-leading cause of death in San Francisco. …

Can ammunition be shipped to Il?

License to Purchase/Possess Ammunition

No person may transfer firearm ammunition in Illinois unless the transferee displays a currently valid FOID card. … The ammunition may be shipped only to an address on either of those two documents.

Can I ship primers through ups?

You can ship primers and ammo with UPS and it appears to be the simplest way to go. Really all one needs for small amounts is to ship in a strong cardboard box of specific strength, have a proper label attached and take to a main UPS hub, not stores. There is no hazmat fee for small amounts.

Can I ship primers?

long story short, you can NOT ship primers unless you are certified by UPS or FedEx to do so.

How much ammo can you own in California?

Two common misconceptions about the law: that it limits how many rounds you can buy (not true), and that you can buy ammo only in the gauge or caliber of firearms you have registered with the state (not true). There are no limits on rounds or gauge/caliber.

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How much ammo can you fly with?

Ammunition must be: In the original packaging from the manufacturer or in packaging specifically designed to carry small amounts of ammunition (made of fiber, wood or metal), with a maximum of 11 pounds (5 kgs) per container or customer. Ammunition is not accepted loose or in magazines or clips.

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