Your question: Can I upgrade a weapon twice in Skyrim? has more exact details, but the relevant information is once you have increased your skill, you will be able to upgrade the same piece of equipment again. You can increase you skill using any combination of the following: Skill Increase.

How many times can you upgrade weapons in Skyrim?

There is no limit to how many times you can improve a piece of weaponry or armor.

Can you improve items twice Skyrim?

You can upgrade weapons and armor numerous times. Legendary is the final tier, but once you reach that title, even with Smithing at 100, you can upgrade further. Using enchanted gear (ring, necklace, gloves & shirt) allows for additional upgrades and even more so using a Fortify Smithing potion.

Can you improve an already improved weapon Skyrim?

Unlike in previous games, weapons in Skyrim no longer have durability, making the increase in damage and enchantments the only way to upgrade a weapon. … Each upgrade level has a required skill level, and this level can be reduced with the perk associated with the type of weapon that the player wishes to upgrade.

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Can you upgrade armor more than once Skyrim?

It’s not that you upgrade them twice, but if your skill is higher than before, the new upgrade replaces the old one. The smithing perks also make a great difference. You can improve any armour on the workbench and any weapon on the grindstone.

Is flawless or Legendary better in Skyrim?

Without having the perk for that armor type, Flawless is the best you can improve it to. With that perk, you can bring it up to Legendary. Dragonscale is the best Light armor, but Dragonplate is only second-best Heavy, behind Daedric.

Is legendary the highest upgrade in Skyrim?

Legendary is the highest, but it can still be upgraded further if you get higher +smithing gear/potions.

What is the best weapon in Skyrim?

The best, highest-DPS weapons in Skyrim ranked for each weapon type. For almost all character builds, knowing the best weapons in Skyrim for each type is going to be worthwhile.

The best Maces in Skyrim.

Weapon Daedric Mace
Damage 16
Weight 20
Upgrade with Ebony Ingot, Daedric Smithing
Effect None

How do you increase weapon damage in Skyrim?

6 Answers

  1. Get Yellow Mountain Flowers.
  2. Get Salt Piles.
  3. Buy Soul Gems.
  4. Create a Fortify Alchemy Item(s)
  5. Equip the Fortify Alchemy Item(s)
  6. Create & Drink a Fortify Restoration Potion.
  7. Remove the Fortify Alchemy Item(s)
  8. Repeat Step 5 through 8 until the Fortify Alchemy Item has a ludicrous boost.


How many times can you upgrade mehrunes razor?

the level 60 smithing perk lets you improve inchanted weapons and armour you can only upgrade stuff twice… so if its already been upgraded twice then no…

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Can you upgrade past legendary Skyrim?

There’s no status past Legendary, however you can still improve the quality of the item if you get your Smithing skill high enough to do so. Enchant a ring, necklace, gauntlets and an armor with fortify blacksmithing and drink a fortify blacksmithing potion!

What’s the best armor in Skyrim?

The best Heavy Armor sets in Skyrim ranked

Armor Set Total Defense Effect
Daedric Armor 108 None
Stalhrim Armor 102 25% stronger Resist Frost enchantments
Dragonplate Armor 102 None
Ebony Armor* 96 5 Poison damage per second to nearby enemies, Muffle – Ebony Mail part only

How much can armor be improved Skyrim?

Each new level increases chest armor ratings by 3.6 and weapon/other armor ratings by 1.8, resulting in an increase of about +0.1 per effective skill point for chest armor, and +0.05 for other items, meaning a smithed “suit” goes up about 0.26 per effective skill point, 0.31 including a smithed shield.

What is the highest level of weapon improvement in Skyrim?


Quality Skill Required Effect
Without Perk Weapon
Flawless 100 +7
Epic 134 +8
Legendary 168 +10

Can you improve past flawless?

You actually can still do it; you just need to use Fortify Smithing enchantments and potions to boost your skill up even higher.

What is the armor cap in Skyrim?

You can reach 610 armor rating with 9 perks and minor un-perked assistence from alchemy or enchanting. 567 is the armor cap.

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