Your question: Can you order ammo in NH?

There are no known unusual ammo laws in the state of New Hampshire; the state does not require a license to purchase ammo.

Can you buy ammo in NH from out of state?

Neither NH nor MA law prohibit a Mass resident from purchasing long guns in NH, and federal law says that it’s perfectly legal as long as it’s legal according to both states’ laws.

Can a NH resident buy ammo in Mass?

Great shop/ people. Those places go beyond state / federal law. Don’t shop there. Even though it’s legal to purchase ammo in NH and bring to Mass, a buddy of mine went up to NH to buy ammo.

Can a Connecticut resident buy ammunition in New Hampshire?

As long as the purchase is legal in both NH and CT, you’re good to go.

Can you get ammo shipped to your house in NH?

Our Average Ammo Shipping Speeds To New Hampshire

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Shipping to your door from Lucky Gunner is fast to New Hampshire. Expect your ammo to get to your door between 4-5 days from when you place your order!

What do u need to buy ammo in NH?

Ammunition for Guns in New Hampshire

  • Require a license for the sale of ammunition.
  • Require sellers of ammunition to maintain a record of the purchasers.
  • Prohibit persons who are ineligible to possess firearms from possessing ammunition.

Can you buy a gun in NH with a mass license?

Massachusetts residents need a permit to own a gun, but if you’re a New Hampshire resident, you can just show up at a gun store, like I did.

Can I have ammo shipped to my house in Mass?

Massachusetts requires a firearms license. If you buy ammo online, it must go to a local dealer who will check your license before handing you the shipment. … Ammo can be purchased online and shipped directly to your home.

Can CT residents buy ammo out of state?

Essentially, the new law requires background checks for the purchase of any gun or ammunition. … Michael Lawlor, Connecticut’s under secretary for criminal justice policy and planning, said the law is very clear, and it does not apply outside the state of Connecticut.

Self-Defence Ammunition Can Be Regulared By Law In New Hampshire. … Most notable is that all of the latest and most advanced Ammunition for Self-Defense is of the “hollow-point” design.

Can you buy ammo without a gun permit in CT?

Connecticut Ammo Laws

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Connecticut state laws are more restrictive than most other states. In Connecticut, you cannot buy ammo without a handgun carry permit, gun sales permit, or long-gun/handgun eligibility certificate.

What states can you not ship ammo to?

You CANNOT ship ammo internationally, since it’s considered an explosive. No matter which shipping carrier you use, you’ll be restricted to Ground services such as UPS Ground or FedEx Ground. As a result, you can only ship ammo within the 48 continental states, Alaska, and Hawaii.

Can a felon buy bullets at Walmart?

Legally, no, a felon cannot buy ammunition from Wal-Mart or anywhere else. It is a crime for them to even touch, let alone be in possession of by any means, firearms ammunition.

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