Are rifle primers interchangeable?

Primers of like kind, size, and application are generally interchangeable. That is any standard small pistol primers should be OK in pistol ammunition.

Are all rifle primers the same?

There are two sizes and four types of primers. … Small pistol and rifle primers utilize a cup 0.175″ in diameter, while large pistol and rifle primers measure 0.210″ across. Large rifle primers are 0.008″ thicker than a large pistol primer. There are a few modern ultra-high-performance handgun cartridges—like the .

Can you interchange large rifle primers?

As long as the load recipe calls for a “large rifle” sized primer, you can alternate between brands and not have any issues in terms of pressures.

Are small and large rifle primers interchangeable?

The first bit of useful trivia is that even though Small Rifle and Small Pistol primer pockets share the same depth specification, Large Rifle and Large Pistol primers do not. … Original cases were formed for Large Pistol primers.

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Are small rifle primers interchangeable?

Small rifle and small pistol primers are interchangeable. Small rifle primers will add several FPS to your velocity thus a tad to your power factor.

Why are there no rifle primers?

So what’s going on here — why can’t you find primers? One reason is that primer producers such as Federal and CCI are using the vast majority of the primers they make to complete their loaded ammunition, which is flying off the shelves.

Does 308 use large or small rifle primers?

308 cases come in large rifle and small rifle primer. Cutting down to the pistol case with a large primer pocket would not allow you to use a large pistol primer as it is shorter than the large rifle.

Can I use large pistol primers in place of large rifle primers?

No. Large Pistol primers are a different cup height then Large rifle primers. As are the primer pockets in the cases. And softer & thinner then rifle primers.

What is the difference between large rifle primers and large Magnum rifle primers?

Magnum primers burn a bit hotter for a bit longer. They’re made to light hard to ignite powers and for extreme cold weather shooting(some powders get hard to ignite in the cold). You don’t need them for either of those powders. If your manual says to use them, do so, but they won’t hurt anything if it doesn’t.

Can I use small rifle primers for 9mm?

I use federal #205 small rifle primers for 9mm minor no problem. 121grain MG filled hollow points w/ 6.7gr HS-6. Out of a beretta 92 @ 10ft from the chrono I get about 1050 fps which translates to a PF of about 127. Cutting it close but it’s a nice load and works well in the gun.

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Can I use small pistol primers in place of small rifle primers?

Read on another forum that one particular manufacturers “Magnum pistol” primers have the same metal thickness as the small rifle primers and basically are the same. But regular small pistol primers are thinner and won’t handle the higher pressures generated by rifles.

Are rifle primers harder than pistol primers?

Rifle primers may be harder than some pistol primers and some, not all, pistols might not touch them off. The fact that pistol primers are a tiny bit shorter than rifle primers can be ignored. I’ve loaded for 454 Casual, 460 S&W and 500 S&W guns which are all high pressure cartridges (50,000 to 65,000 psi).

What is the difference between small rifle primers and Small Rifle Magnum primers?

Magnum primers have a thicker cup and different anvil shapes to work better with higher pressures and ball powder. This will help prevent the round from unintentionally firing upon chambering.

What primers are interchangeable?

Primers of like kind, size, and application are generally interchangeable. That is any standard small pistol primers should be OK in pistol ammunition. Likewise for large pistol. However, use of magnum primers will produce higher chamber pressures.

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