Does weapon damage affect poison eso?

Poison Dot’s are all effected by Weapon Crit, Crit damage, Physical Penetration, Weapon Damage, and Stamina.

Does Thaumaturge affect poison?

Thaumaturge: This ability now increases the damage done by damage over time effects, instead of increasing Poison, Disease, and Magic Damage.

How does poison damage work eso?

Poison Damage is a type of Physical Damage in The Elder Scrolls Online. It can inflict the Poisoned status. The Vestige can inflict Poison Damage in a variety of ways; Bow and Dragonknight abilities are the most common. Some enemies use Poison Damage as well.

Does weapon damage effect dots eso?

Answers. The only DoT you can aply with enchants, is when the Statuseffect is a DoT like “Burning”. The only DoT you can aply with enchants, is when the Statuseffect is a DoT like “Burning”. The only DoT you can aply with enchants, is when the Statuseffect is a DoT like “Burning”.

How does weapon damage work in eso?

Weapon Damage represents the damage done by non-staff weapons and feats, or abilities with a Stamina cost. Your Weapon Damage can be improved by many sets (click for complete list), as well the Major Brutality and Minor Brutality effects, which increase your damage by 20% and 5% respectively.

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Does Thaumaturge increase healing?

Thaummaturge does not affect ordinary healing spells I.e. resto staff. It does however have indirect effect to class spell healing that heals based on damage done if that is magic damage, i.e. sorc Surge and NB’s Funnel health – buffing your spells to do more damage returns more healing, healing itself is not modified.

What is disease damage eso?

Disease Damage is a type of physical damage. It is somewhat rare, mostly only being seen on some of the Nightblade skills’ morphs, or when attacked by Zombies and their ilk. Can cause the Status Effect Diseased, which inflicts the Minor Defile debuff for 4 seconds, decreasing their healing received by 8%.

What is the strongest poison in eso?

Escapist’s Poison IX is by far the best Poison for PvP in the Elder scrolls online. Your enemies will hate you for using this because it grants you Immovability, damages the enemy with a 1.7k dot that heals you 1.2k and at the same time increases the cost of your enemies Magicka abilities by 10%.

Is flame damage magic damage eso?

But flame damage is not magic damage…. Why is then considered magical??? It can be flame damage powered for the highest value Magicka or stamina. Flame = Elemental = Spell Penetration and Spell Damage.

Are Poisons worth using in eso?

They are good to have if you are doing daily Dark Brotherhood Sacraments. As others have indicated, pickups are trash (sell em) but crafted can be very useful. Meh they’re good for protecting your enchantments lol.

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Does magicka increase damage eso?

Magicka increases your resource pool for using Magicka based abilities and also, similar to Spell Damage, it increases the damage that your Magicka based attacks hit for. In general, every 1 point of Spell Damage is worth 10.5 points of Magicka when determining damage increases.

Can DoTs crit eso?

What Ulo said – Set piece procs don’t crit, but apart from that, all DoTs do.

Does Max Magicka increase spell damage eso?

If an ability uses Magicka it will scale with Spell Damage. If an ability uses Stamina it will scale with Weapon Damage. These stats impact the damage of abilities quite a lot and increasing these stats will increase your damage or healing.

What is the best weapon in eso?

5 Best Elder Scrolls Weapons (& 5 That Need More Attention)

  1. 1 Underrated: The Staff Of Towers.
  2. 2 Powerful: Sanguine Rose. …
  3. 3 Underrated: Wabbajack. …
  4. 4 Powerful: Mace Of Molag Bal. …
  5. 5 Underrated: Mehrunes’ Razor. …
  6. 6 Powerful: Goldbrand. …
  7. 7 Underrated: The Blade Of Woe. …
  8. 8 Powerful: Staff Of Magnus. …


What is a good DPS eso?

The best DPS races for ESO are as follows: Stamina Damage Dealer should be Orc, while Magicka Damage Dealer should be Altmer (High Elf). … But if you are into “minimaxing” Orc is the best ESO DPS choice for stamina builds here at the end of 2020, while High Elf is the best Magicka ESO DPS.

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