Frequent question: Do monk unarmed strikes count as finesse weapons?

Finesse is a property of a weapon. And unarmed strikes are not weapons. The monk being able to use DEX instead of strength for attack is a class feature so they are not the same even though they have similar effect. Though even non-finesse monk weapons still use DEX because its a class feature.

Are Monk unarmed strikes finesse weapons?

An unarmed strike isn’t a weapon, so it doesn’t qualify. In contrast, a rogue/monk can use Sneak Attack with a monk weapon, such as a shortsword or a dagger, that has one of the required properties. Strictly speaking, unarmed strikes are not finesse weapons and cannot be used for Sneak Attack.

Do monk weapons count as unarmed strikes?

Per Martial Arts, if you attack with a Monk weapon then you are allowed to make an unarmed strike as a bonus action.

Is an unarmed strike considered a light weapon?

An Unarmed Strike is not a “light weapon”, so it can’t be Two Weapon Fighting.

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Do monks add Dex to unarmed strikes?

Yes. Whether as part of their normal bonus attack when unarmed or wielding a monk weapon or as part of a ‘flurry of blows’, monks apply their ability modifier (Strength or Dexterity) to their damage rolls.

Can you sneak attack with non finesse weapons?

All melee and ranged weapon attacks use your DEX modifier when determining to hit. The finesse property no longer exists. Sneak attacks can be performed unarmed, or with any weapon that is not a melee weapon with the heavy property.

Are monk fists finesse?

Looking at the Monk’s martial arts feature, the RAW unarmed strikes and monk weapons can use Dex for attack and damage, just like finesse, but aren’t finesse.

Do monk fists count as weapons?

No, a monk’s fists are not considered weapons.

Instead of using a weapon to make a melee weapon attack, you can use an unarmed strike: a punch, kick, head-butt, or similar forceful blow (none of which count as weapons). YES, unarmed attacks are weapons attacks.

Is a monk attack a weapon attack?

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Unarmed strikes have always been weapon attacks. Here’s where the confusion comes in: your unarmed strike (fist, elbow, knee, butt, etc.) is not considered by the rules to be a weapon the way a longsword is a weapon. But the rules let you make unarmed weapon attacks anyway. #DnD.

Can a monk use a quarterstaff?

The Monk can use the quarterstaff with two hands and then, with a bonus action, use unarmed strike. In fact, the restriction is for weapons with the properties two-handed and heavy.

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Does two weapon fighting work with natural weapons?

You can use two-weapon fighting even when the one-handed melee weapons you are wielding aren’t light. That might work – I’m not 100% sure a natural weapon attack from Alter Self counts, but I would personally allow it if the player had the ability to alter self and the dual wielder feat.

Can you punch as a bonus action?

The monk’s Martial Arts feature reads: When you use the Attack action with an unarmed strike or monk weapon on your turn, you can make one unarmed strike as a bonus action.

Does unarmed strike count as two weapon fighting?

The errata for the PHB states that unarmed strikes are not weapons, so you can’t use Two Weapon Fighting at all.

Do you add Dex to unarmed strikes?

Current: Under the Unarmed Strike description, “Instead of using a weapon to make a melee weapon attack, you can use an unarmed strike: a punch, kick, head-butt, or similar forceful blow (none of which count as weapons).

Do you add proficiency to damage 5e monk?

You don’t add your ability modifier to the damage of the bonus attack, unless that modifier is negative. However, monks do not get this fighting style.

How many times can a monk use flurry of blows?

When you use your Flurry of Blows, you can make up to three additional attacks with it (up to a total of five Flurry of Blows attacks), provided that each Flurry of Blows attack targets a different creature this turn.”

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