How do you upgrade weapons in me1?

User Info: aLL_4_sHo. You have to have armor upgrades to install them. After you have one, press X then scroll down on the upgrade you want, then press A.

How do you upgrade weapons in Mass Effect?

Shepard will need to find the weapon they want to upgrade, then purchase the upgrade to boost base stats. The cost starts fairly low at around 1,000 credits, then increases to 10,000 for the fifth and final available upgrade. In New Game+, upgrades can be purchased up to Level 10, which costs about 35,000 credits.

How do you upgrade weapons on Oninaki?

To upgrade your weapons in Oninaki you need to visit the Alchemist in the town of Szaka. You’ll find him just to the left of the town centre. There, you can upgrade weapons by combining them. It doesn’t cost you anything, but you’ll lose the weapon that’s being used as a material.

How do you use me1 upgrades?

Open the inventory and click the box(es) to the left of the item’s coloured icon. This will show all the upgrades in your inventory for that item.

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How do you fully upgrade weapons in me2?

Once you have recruited Mordin, you can complete Research Projects at the station in the Tech Lab. Go to the weapons and it will show you what upgrades you can make. You will find these upgrades during missions, which will then be available to create.

What is the best sniper rifle in Mass Effect 3?

1 The Javelin Does Great Damage From A Great Distance

A great sniper rifle can make a huge difference in any game, let alone Mass Effect 3. While the Black Widow is a great choice, the Javelin might be the top of its class, if not the entire in game arsenal.

What is the best assault rifle in Mass Effect 3?

Saber (High-damage single shot Rifle)

The M-99 Saber is inarguably the hardest hitting rifle per shot in Mass Effect 3, but what makes it the best? That would be its sniper-like accuracy, allowing for players to pull off multiple headshots with ease.

How do I enable console commands in Mass Effect?

Console Cheats (PC Version Only)

Find the line [Engine. Console] and under it add the line ConsoleKey=Tilde. Then when playing in game simply press the tilde key (above tab) to open the console, then type in the desired cheat. enable fly mode.

How do you use ammo upgrades in Mass Effect?

You have to hit Right on the thumbstick to move over to the Ammo upgrade list. That’s where you’ll see the rounds. And you can put any upgrade on any weapon, btw.

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Do weapon upgrades stack Mass Effect?

Yes, weapon upgrades to ‘stack. ‘ For example, putting two Frictionless Materials X on an HWMSR X will allow for many more shots to pull off.

What happens if you let Garrus kill sidonis?

If you help to kill Sidonis you will get Renegade points, while sparing his life will net you Paragon points.

How do I make sure everyone survives ME2?

To lead the strike team a 2nd time use Garrus again. To help the crew escape send grunt. Choose whoever you like for the final squad selection. Follow this and you should be able to keep everyone alive in Mass Effect 2.

What’s the best sniper rifle in Mass Effect 2?

Best Sniper Rifles in ME2

M-92 Mantis & M-97 Viper: The rest of this category is pretty even, but the Mantis is probably our favorite of the rest. It’s great for Infiltrator in particular.

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