How much does a Mossberg 9MM cost?

Price Item
$470.00 9MM LUGER MOSSBERG MC1SC CENTENNIAL IN WITH 3.4″BRL AND 2-7RND MAGS NIB! 89005 / (890052) Butler, PA 16002

How much does a Mossberg 9 mm cost?

This trim single-stack 9mm features a polymer frame that makes it easy to carry and conceal, and with suggested retail prices starting at $425, it’s affordably priced.

Are Mossberg handguns any good?

Mossberg’s first venture into the modern handgun market might be a safe bet, but that doesn’t mean their engineers skimped on features or performance. Shooters looking for a dependable concealed carry handgun from a manufacturer with over 100 years of experience have finally found their golden ticket.

Where can I buy a Mossberg handgun?

Alternatively, you can also find Mossberg product available to ship nationwide by visiting auction sites such as, and When purchasing a firearm online, the firearm is sent to a dealer (FFL holder) for pick up.

Does Mossberg make handguns?

Mossberg & Sons, Inc., has released a full-featured, 9mm concealed carry handgun: the Mossberg MC1sc (subcompact).

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Does the Mossberg MC1sc have a safety?

The MC1sc was designed with Mossberg’s no pull trigger safe takedown system to help ensure safer disassembly. The oversized trigger guard delivers both improved safety, and additional comfort. As an additional precautionary feature, the flat profile trigger is equipped with an integrated blade safety.

Who makes Mossberg pistol?

O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc., the largest pump-action shotgun manufacturer in the world and the oldest family-owned and operated firearms manufacturer in America, entered the firearm industry in March of 1919 out of New Haven, Connecticut, according to the company’s website.

What is a Glock G43X?

Description. The GLOCK® G43X Subcompact Semi-Auto Pistol has been designed with both a comfortable shooting and conceal-carry experience in mind. … Its compact grip length, built-in beaver tail, and subcompact-slim slide deliver a balanced, versatile feel while shooting, one that’s great for a variety of users.

What is a Mossberg mc1?

Description. The Mossberg® MC1SC Subcompact Semi-Auto Pistol with Cross-Bolt Safety features a slim, dehorned profile, specifically designed for concealed carry. Fed by a single-stack magazine, this pistol boasts a streamlined profile for deep concealment.

Can you order from Mossberg?

Buying online at is virtually the same process! Mossberg has composed some tools on our website that make buying a gun online simple to carry out, and the best part is that you can find the lowest price. That’s right … you have options.

Can you order directly from Mossberg?

Can I purchase a gun directly from Mossberg? We do not sell firearms directly to consumers; however, our distributor partners like Gallery of Guns; Gearfire; and Shooting Store will allow you to search their available Mossberg inventory online.

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How many handguns does Mossberg make?

Mossberg MC1sc Pistol Specs

SKU Caliber Capacity
89002 9mm 6+1, 7+1
89003 9mm 6+1, 7+1
89004 9mm 6+1, 7+1
89005 9mm 6+1, 7+1

What does MC1SC stand for?

Photo Gallery. See all Photos. Its full name is the Mossberg Carry 1 subcompact (MC1sc). It is a pleasant looking single-stack 9mm made of polymer and steel that was designed specifically with concealed carry in mind. Operationally, it is a recoil-operated, striker-fired pistol.

The new Mossberg MC1sc was designed to be carried. Its slim and dehorned profile allows for a snag free draw. Weighing only 22 ounces full loaded, its lightweight and durable polymer construction is ideal for everyday carry.

Inter-Store Transfer.

Weight 19 oz (unloaded)
California Compliant No
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