Is the Remington 870 a good gun?

Today, the Remington Model 870 is considered the best selling shotgun in history. The success of this gun has a lot to do with its reliability and sturdy design. The 870 has a solid steel receiver, while most other pump-action shotguns have alloy receivers. That translates to lasting durability.

How long will a 870 last?

The really high round count clay pigeon shooters say the aluminum pump guns start to fail somewhere around 70,000 rounds or so. The 870 may start developing cracks around the ejection port around 250,000 rounds.

Which is better a Mossberg 500 or Remington 870?

The Mossberg 500 and Remington 870 are both very accurate pump-action shotguns. Mossberg 500 has a 6rd magazine tube. Remington 870 also has a 4rd magazine tube. … The Remington 870 has a lighter factory trigger pull than the Mossberg 500 but there are replacements for that.

Is the Remington 870 good for hunting?

The Remington 870 is also a perfect choice for hunting small game, such as rabbits and squirrels. When loaded with buckshot, it’s a deadly hunting shotgun for pursuing big game, such as deer and feral hogs at close range. Finally, you can also easily change out the barrel and install a rifled barrel with better sights.

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What is the best Remington 870 model?

Best Remington 870 Models

  • 870 Express. The most affordable 870 the Express features a matte black finish and depending on the particular model you will get hardwood furniture or synthetic furniture with a variety of finishes. …
  • 870 DM. The 870 DM is one of the newest shotguns that is built on the Express series of guns.

As mentioned before, the Remington 870 is also popular because its highly versatile. Whether you need a sport shotgun or a tactical weapon, the market is flooded with after-market accessories to pimp out your 870. … Some have hardwood stocks, some have a synthetic stock, and most gauges of shotgun shells are covered.

How long will a Remington 870 Express last?

With very little care, the modern pump action shotgun will last several lifetimes. I have had my 870 express for 2 years, put about 300 rounds of various shot and slugs thru it.

What is the best pump shotgun ever made?

Remington Model 870 With sales of more than 9 million, the Remington Model 870 is the most successful pump shotgun of all time. Since its introduction in 1950, the 870 has likely accounted for more roast duck on the dinner table than all other pump guns combined.

Can you hunt deer with a Mossberg 500?

It was my primary field gun for about 20 years. Off course it might not be too effective with a pistol grip and 18 in cylinder bore barrel. Your 500 will do just fine. It’s been in the hunting fields for decades now.

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How much does a 12 gauge Mossberg 500 cost?


A MOSSBERG 500 shotgun is currently worth an average price of $493.09 new and $326.38 used . The 12 month average price is $517.60 new and $365.17 used. The new value of a MOSSBERG 500 shotgun has risen $12.81 dollars over the past 12 months to a price of $493.09 .

Which Remington 870 is best for home defense?

Remington 870 Express Tactical

Sometimes simpler is better, and with an 18.5-inch barrel sporting a fixed-cylinder choke and up to a seven-shell (6+1) magazine capacity, the 870 Express Tactical has all the basic characteristics you need in a home-defense shotgun.

Is the Remington 870 dead?

Remington is dead. … Remington is a legendary company that’s been alive and kicking for 204 years, and somehow Freedom Group found a way to mismanage a company into bankruptcy. As you all know, Remington and the firearms companies in their universe have been sold off.

What caliber is best for all around hunting?

Best Caliber for Deer Hunting

  • 6.5 Creedmoor. …
  • 260 Remington. …
  • 264 Winchester Magnum. …
  • 270 Winchester. …
  • 280 Remington. …
  • 308 Winchester. …
  • 300 Winchester Magnum. You might be surprised by the number of hunters that use the 300 as their primary deer rifle. …
  • 300 Remington Ultra Magnum. Only one of my friends uses this caliber.


Is Remington 870 good home defense?

It is my opinion that the Remington 870 pump action shotguns are excellent survival and home defense shotguns. … The 870 pump action shotguns set the standards that all other pump action shotguns rely on. Remember that a personal defense weapon should be something you feel comfortable carrying at all times.

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What kind of shotgun do police use?

Perhaps the most common of all police shotguns, the Remington 870 is a pump gun that comes with a wide range of options for any tactical role. With its steel receiver serving as the basis for the proven design, the Remington 870 Express Synthetic has an 18-inch barrel, a synthetic stock and a matte finish.

The Remington Model 870 shotgun is the best-selling gun in Remington history. Introduced in 1950 to replace the Model 31, it has been produced in a vast number of variants and is still in production. Versions have been made for military and law enforcement, as well as for the traditional sporting market. .

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