Quick Answer: What does charging the charge shotgun do?

Charge Shotgun was a Shotgun in Battle Royale that was available in Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary and Mythic variants. … It is a unique shotgun, being the first of its kind to have to be charged to deal more damage. It can be charged by holding down the fire button, taking 1.7 seconds to fully charge.

What does the charge shotgun do?

The Charge Shotgun is a close ranged weapon which should be charged up in order to deal the most damage to an enemy player. Charging the weapon takes around 1 second and allows it to deal higher damage to enemy players. Like all shotguns it is useful at close range but very weak at medium to longer ranges.

Is the charge shotgun in fortnite good?

However, if playing a little more passively and precise is your game, the Charge Shotgun is a great choice. Charging up every shot takes precision and careful aim that can’t be performed by every player. So, using the Charge Shotgun is a bit of a boom-or-bust scenario, but some feel the risk is worth the reward.

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How much damage does a fully charged Charge shotgun do?

A gray charge shotgun, when fully charged (1.7 seconds) increases its damage to 120 (180 headshot), enough to kill an unshielded opponent at full life. The blue charge shotgun hits for 134, and 201 on headshot, now enough to kill an opponent with full life and full shields.

How much damage does a green charge shotgun do?

When looking at the damage numbers, however, the green charge shotgun does 85 body damage without charge. That means you’re going to drop most people in two uncharged body shots with this new weapon. The Charge Shotgun comes in five different rarities, including common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary.

Which is better tactical shotgun or charge?

There’s no doubt that the Charge Shotgun packs a stronger punch (although Epic did buff the Tac ahead of Season 5). … The Tactical Shotgun is also significantly more forgiving in 50/50 situations. If you find yourself face to face with someone holding a Tac and you miss your Charge shot, it’s curtains.

Which is better pump or charge shotgun?

If we compare the reload time of these weapons based on their rarity tier-list in the game, Pump shotguns have an approximate reload speed of 5.7- 4.0 seconds compared to Charge shotguns, which have an approximate reload speed of 4.8- 4.0 seconds.

Which shotgun is best in fortnite?

Fortnite: Which Shotgun Is The Best In Fortnite Season 6

  • The Pump Shotgun has been both nerfed and buffed. …
  • The Pump Shotgun has a fire rate of 0.7, meaning that even the Makeshift Shotgun outshines the Pump in this category. …
  • The Legendary Pump Shotgun is the only weapon in the game to eliminate opponents immediately.
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Which shotgun is better in fortnite?

The automatic hitscan shotgun is one of the best Fortnite weapons at short range, and can deal up to 132 DPS at legendary rarity – providing you hit all your pellets.

Can the charge shotgun one shot?

It is a unique shotgun, being the first of its kind to have to be charged to deal more damage. It can be charged by holding down the fire button, taking 1.7 seconds to fully charge. However it can be used like a regular shotgun.

100% Charged.

Kit’s Charge Shotgun
Damage 153
Fire Rate 0.85
Magazine Size 5
Reload Time 3.7

Is the charge shotgun in solid gold?

Solid Gold Mode V2: Overview

All weapon drops will be Legendary tier. You’ll find Grenades in this mode too. … These are all the Legendary Weapon drops in the game: Minigun, Hand Cannon, SCAR, Rocket Launcher, Suppressed Pistol, Heavy Shotgun, Burst Assault Rifle and both Semi-Auto and Bolt Action Sniper Rifles.

Why is the TAC shotgun so bad?

It is because the Tactical Shotgun was too weak after the weapon nerf in Patch 13.0. In Patch 15.0, the Tactical Shotgun was unvaulted and buffed. It’s Damage was increased to 72/76/80/84/88, making the Common and Uncommon rarities almost equal to the Heavy Shotgun.

Is charged shotgun in creative?

So, there you have it. Now, you can practice with the Charge Shotgun without sacrificing your in-game performance. The Charge will, undoubtedly, come to Creative Mode within the next patch or two, but this is how you can get your hands on it, early.

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Is heavy shotgun vaulted?

The Heavy Shotgun was vaulted on Patch 7.30 therefore making it only available in Playground and Creative. It was vaulted due to the addition of the Epic & Legendary Pump Shotgun which was used a lot more often than the Heavy shotgun.

Is the charge shotgun vaulted in Season 4?

Fortnite: All weapons vaulted in Season 4

While most players prefer other shotguns such as the Charge Shotgun, it was recently nerfed during Patch 13.0, and has been removed now.

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