What is a Winchester Model 94 flat band?

This name arises from the shape of the barrel band near the front sight. This flat shaped band was only used for a year or so @1948. Next your rifle is actually is a carbine. Winchester built both rifles and carbines on the 94 action. Most rifle production was ended in the 1920’s.

What is a flat band Model 94?

The flat band version of the Model 94 was available in three calibers not just 30-30. They were produced for a portion of 1946, all of 1947 and a portion of 1948. For most collectors they do get a slight value bonus.

What is a Winchester Model 94 worth?

A WINCHESTER 94 rifle is currently worth an average price of $1,573.26 new and $919.36 used .

How old is a Winchester Model 94?

The Model 94 was produced continuously by Winchester from 1894 through 1980 when the production of the gun was taken up by the U.S. Repeating Arms Company, which made the Model 94 until 2006.

What is the difference between a pre 64 Winchester 94?

Pre-64 Model 94s have a screw in the bottom front center of the lever plate. Pre-War Model 94s have the screw and the fore end is longer. Anybody can say what they want, but a Model 94 not forged and milled as JM Browning designed it will NOT stay in my house.

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How many bullets does a Winchester 94?

The Winchester Model 94 . 30–30 caliber carbine version with a 20″ barrel holds 5 rounds in the tube magazine and 1 round in the chamber. The full size rifle version holds 7 rounds in the magazine and one in the chamber.

What is the rarest Winchester rifle?

A historic 1886 Winchester rifle, owned by U.S. Army Captain Henry Ware Lawton, who is credited with capturing Apache leader Geronimo, just sold for $1.2 million, setting a new world record. The lever-action repeating rifle, an icon of the Old West, is now the most expensive gun ever sold at auction.

Whats a Winchester Model 94 30 30 worth?

Any Model 94 carbine in good to excellent condition with the standard features in . 30–30 caliber regardless of year manufactured should be worth between $750.00 to $900.00. Those with an oversized lever and or full rifle barrel are worth a little more because fewer were manufactured.

Is 30wcf the same as 30 30?

Geno Member. The 30 WCF and 30-30 Win are the same; they simply changed the name.

How can I tell how old my gun is?

If the gun has a serial number. You can generally trace it through any number books or the manufacture. If it is not serialized then its general date of manufacture on say a Musket can be tracked through the proof and armory stamps on the barrel. Most military weapons can be tracked on line.

Is a Winchester 94 a good gun?

30-30 killed more deer than any other cartridge in history. … The rifle sold the cartridge, not the other way around, as with some other popular introductions. The Winchester Model 94 carbine is a slick handling, good feeling rifle that everybody loves.

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What is a pre-64?

The “pre-64″refers to the winchester model 70 centerfire rifle. Prior to 1964 they used a controlled round feed mechanism. After ’64 winchester went to a push-feed mechanism. Some years back the “pre-64″type mechanism was re-introduced as,I believe,the model 70 classic.

Where can I purchase a Winchester 94?

Shop for Winchester Model 94 online at GunBroker.com

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