What is the strongest weapon in Just Cause 4?

Where is the DA 9.3 lightning gun?

Very rarely found in weapon crates around the map, mostly in military bases and outposts. Weapon crates in the Illapa base have a comparably higher chance of spawning Lightning Guns.

How do you unlock the lightning gun in Just Cause 4?


  1. AT3-X RPG. Unlock: Complete the Sargento mission “Training: Top Brass” in Arena. This is probably the best RPG in the game, because it has burst-fire. …
  2. DA 9.3 “Lightning Gun” Unlock: Take the Phuyu-Kuni zone. Ever wanted to overcharge a taser? …
  3. PBX Auto-Slug 4. Unlock: Conquer the Riscos Altos region.


Are there pistols in Just Cause 4?

Just Cause 4 doesn’t have any usable handguns. All weapons are two handed. In universe there are pistols (as can be seen in the holsters on Black Hand in JC4 uniforms), but they are just never used.

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How many weapons can you carry in Just Cause 4?

The players can carry a total of two different guns at a time. These can be changed anytime during the game. All the player need to do is hold the reload button and choose the weapon they want.

Can you crouch Just Cause 4?


You can’t sprint, you can’t crouch, and you can’t dodge. But at least regular running is basically sprinting.

Does Just Cause 4 have cheats?

If you’re playing on a PC, there are dozens of mods you can download to enable additional cheats in Just Cause 4, such as: Unlimited Health. Unlimited Ammo. Unlimited Vehicle Boost.

Where is the cow gun Just Cause 4?

To find the weapon, you’ll need to hed to the Vaivanes region in the south-west of the island. Once there, you’ll find a farm near south-west of an airstrip and directly north of an army base. Head there, and you’ll find the Cow Gun on the porch.

Are there upgrades in Just Cause 4?

Gear Mods are modifications unlocked by completing challenges in Just Cause 3 and Just Cause 4. Once unlocked, they can be turned on and off as desired.

Where are all the Easter eggs in Just Cause 4?

All the absolute must-find Just Cause 4 Easter eggs

  • The abandoned Jurassic Park enclosure. …
  • The A-Ha Take On Me video building. …
  • The Getting Over It tribute. …
  • The cow gun. …
  • PUBG’s frying pan. …
  • The toy off-roader. …
  • The Mile High Club. …
  • Custom numberplates.
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Is JC4 better than JC3?

JC3 Pros: A nice color palette, bright and vibrant, although this can also very well be a con since its a bit too peaceful for a Just Cause game. The best grapple system in the series, it added retractors compared to JC2 but isnt as convoluted as JC4. IMO the best selection of civilian vehicles.

What is Black Market Just Cause 4?

Description. If the “Trials, Toys and Terror Update” trailer (seen below) is interpreted right, it will be an in-game store to buy Downloadable content for Just Cause 4. … Launching with the Black Market is the Toy Vehicles pack, featuring miniature sized versions of Tank, Boat and the Jet!

How do you get the wind gun in Just Cause 4?

They can be randomly located at some Black Hand bases within weapon crates. Otherwise, it is unlocked for supply drop after securing the Qachas region. If one gets the Danger Rising DLC, one spawns in an Agency weapon crate on the USS Whitefeather.

Why are there no pistols in Just Cause 4?

As of writing, there are no pistols in Just Cause 4. You won’t be able to find and equip dual pistols as you could in Just Cause 3. As stated above, while pistols were never the best weapon to cause chaos and explosions, they were very useful when it came to combat against enemy AI.

Can I take cover in Just Cause 4?

There is no cover system with it’s own gameplay mechanic. You just have to run for cover manually like you would in any 3rd or 1st person shooter that has no actual button for cover.

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How do you unlock danger rising in Just Cause 4?

Danger Rising is unlocked immediately after the mission Agency Distress Beacon, but story-wise it makes almost no sense to do the DLC before Operation Illapa.

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