Where are the best weapons in Bannerlord?

How do you get the best weapons in Bannerlord?

The Jereed is the best throwing weapon in Bannerlord. It has great damage and accuracy and there are 5 of them compared to say the Southern Throwing Daggers, another top-tier throwing weapon. The throwing daggers only come in stacks of 3 while the Jereeds come in stacks of 5.

What is the best sword in Bannerlord?

The best one-handed weapon in Bannerlord is a sword called the Thamaskene Steel Spatha. It has a decent hitting range and deals high damage. It is an expensive item, but every gold coin invested in it is worth it.

What is the best shop in Bannerlord?

Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord Best Workshop

  • Jaculan -> Olives – Olive Press (3 villages)
  • Askar -> Grain – Brewery (3 villages)
  • Sanala -> Grain – Brewery (3 villages)
  • Baltakhand -> Wool – Wool Weavery (3 villages)
  • Epicrotea -> Iron Ore – Smithy (2 vilalges)
  • Odok -> Clay – Pottery Shop (2 villages)
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Who has the best infantry in Bannerlord?

M&B II Bannerlord: Best Infantry Troops

In terms of the main faction troop tree for infantry troops, the best heavy armoured infantry are the Khuzait Darkhan, Vlandian Sergeant, Sturgian Veteran Warrior, and the Imperial Legionary.

Is there cheats in Bannerlord?

While Bannerlord doesn’t have a console to enter commands into without first installing mods (more about this in the ‘console commands and codes’ section below), you can still use several different hotkey cheats to add any weapon or item to your player (and then sell them to get rich quick), teleport around the map, …

Whats the best horse in Bannerlord?

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Horse Breeds

  • Desert Horse (Aserai): A good combination of stats makes for the perfect warhorse, but the fine breeding makes for a higher purchase price than other options.
  • Highland Pony (Battania): A robust breed of horse that can withstand the harsh conditions of the Battanian mountains.


Who has the best archers in Bannerlord?

Bannerlord’s best dismounted archers hail from Battania. With a whopping 280 Bow skill – more than double that of their peers –, the Battaninan Fian Champions offer the most quality of any ranged unit that fights on foot.

How do I get Thamaskene steel?

The more consistent way to get Thamaskene Steel is by leveling smithing up to level 100. This will allow you to pick the perk called “Steel Maker 3”, which allows you to refne two units of Fine Steel into one unit of Thamaskene Steel. In addition to this you will also get one unit of Crude Iron as a by-product.

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Where can I buy a long Glaive in Bannerlord?

Locations: Long Glaive can be found in Khuzait cities with a blacksmith or as a tournament prize. Rhomphalia can be found in Battania cities with a blacksmith. A tip if you are struggling to find them, is open a smithy workshop in one of those cultures towns.

What should I buy in Bannerlord?

What are workshops in Bannerlord?

  • Grain: Brewery ⇒ Beer.
  • Grapes: Wine press ⇒ Wine.
  • Olives: Olive press ⇒ Oil.
  • Cotton: Velvet weavery ⇒ Velvet clothing.
  • Flax: Linen weavery ⇒ Clothing.
  • Wool: Wool weavery ⇒ Clothing.
  • Clay: Pottery shop ⇒ Pottery.
  • Rawhide: Tannery ⇒ Light armour/Leather.

What shops can I buy in Bannerlord?

Bannerlord best workshops

We’ve found the best workshops are Pottery Shops and Wood Workshops. For Pottery Shops, you’ll want to look for cities with bound villages producing clay – we suggest Marunath and Pen Cannoc, where you can expect to see an income of around 300-400 denars.

How do you get a shop in Bannerlord?

Travel to any city and look for one of the Workshops – Brewery, Tannery, Pottery, Linen Weavery or Olive Press. Then talk to a character named Shop Worker. This character may sell you the Workshop property. You will come across a character named Shop Worker – talk to him and choose the option to buy the local Workshop.

What is the strongest faction in Bannerlord?

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

The Aserai is The Strongest Faction Overall. Veteran Infantry wield shields for protection against projectiles, swords for melee combat, polearms to kill cavalry, and javelins for ranged combat.

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Can you marry Rhagaea Bannerlord?

While you can flirt with everyone, you can only marry one partner. This means you cannot marry Rhagaea – leader of the Southern Empire, but you could marry her daughter and heir-apparent Ira.

What faction has the best archers Bannerlord?

In terms of the main faction troop tree for ranged troops, the Aserai Master Archer has the highest damage output, at 160 with the bow. They are also fairly proficient with most weapon types for when they need to battle in close combat.

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