Where can I recharge my weapons in Oblivion?

What is the most powerful weapon in Oblivion?

Daedric Claymore. The Daedric Claymore is the most powerful Claymore in the game, and it is only dropped commonly after reaching level 35.

How do you repair enchanted items in Oblivion?

They can be more useful than spells because they are in effect all the time. However, enchanted armor can only be repaired by the Hero of Kvatch with level 50 in Armorer. Otherwise, blacksmiths must be hired to repair it.

Can you recharge Dawnbreaker in Skyrim?

To recharge any weapon, you need a filled Soul Gem. If you don’t have a weapon with the soul trap enchantment nor the spell, some vendors do carry them (though that can get a bit expensive, with a single filled grand soul gem going for 1000-1500 gold). From there, go to the item menu and find your Dawnbreaker.

Can you recharge weapons oblivion?

Recharging Weapons[edit]

The easiest (but most expensive) way to recharge enchanted weapons is to pay for a recharge at the Mages Guild. Each branch of the Mages Guild has one member who will provide recharging services, as listed under Other Services. This costs 1 Gold for every unit of charge.

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Can you kill guards in Oblivion?

The only way to kill one without getting a bounty is to grab some poisoned apples and drop them wherever they go to eat food. Make sure to steal all of the other food in the area first (obviously without being seen). And even then, I don’t think some guards are programmed to eat during their cycles at all.

Is luck worth it in Oblivion?

Luck governs no skills directly, nor does it boost your skills over 100. However, it affects just about everything in the game. A luck value of 50 means that nothing goes for you or against you.

How do you get a 100% chameleon in Oblivion?

To achieve 100% Chameleon: Enchant 5 pieces of armor or jewelry with Grand level souls, each with 20% Chameleon.

What has a grand soul in Oblivion?

More powerful creatures have more powerful souls. Souls are trapped in soul gems by using a soul trap spell.

Souls by Strength[edit]

Soul type Value Creatures
Grand 1600 Gloom Wraith, Lich, Minotaur Lord, Xivilai

What is the best armor in Oblivion?

[Top 5] Elder Scrolls Oblivion Best Armor and How To Get Them

  1. Brusef Amelion’s Armor (Best for fighting characters)
  2. Ebony Armor (Best for fighting characters) …
  3. Daedric Armor (Best for Warriors) …
  4. Glass Armor (Best for light-armored characters) …
  5. Imperial Dragon Armor (Best for fighting characters) …


Who can repair weapons oblivion?

A Journeyman (armorer 50-74) can now repair magic items. An Expert (armorer 75-99) can repair items beyond their highest condition (to 125%). Expert-improved weapons do extra damage, and Expert-improved armor protects more.

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What is the strongest soul gem in Oblivion?

Azura’s Star[edit]

Azura’s Star is essentially the most powerful Soul Gem in the game, and can be obtained by completing Azura’s Daedric Quest.

Is enchanting a skill in Oblivion?


Enchanting is probably not a skill anymore because in Morrowind your skill in spell casting school directly affected your probability of casting, whereas in Oblivion it just changes the cost.

How do I raise my intelligence in Oblivion?

To get an Intelligence bonus when you level up, raise Mysticism, Alchemy, or Conjuration. Charm is an Illusion effect, which will give you a (useless) bonus to Personality rather than Intelligence.

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