Best answer: What weapons were vaulted at the beginning of chapter2?

What gun was vaulted at the beginning of Chapter 2?

The Vault Hammer Strikes. Here is everything that was vaulted in Chapter 2: Heavy AR (AK) Suppressed AR (Scar)

What got vaulted in Chapter 2?

Vaulted weapons and items

  • Common Assault Rifle.
  • Lever Action Rifle (Uncommon, Rare, Epic)
  • Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle (Rare, Epic, Legendary)
  • Heavy Assault Rifle (All)
  • Pistol (All)
  • Suppressed SMG.
  • Charge Shotgun.
  • Dragon’s Breath Shotgun (Epic, Legendary)


What guns were vaulted in chapter2?

Chapter 2: Season 1 – 2

  • Damage Trap – Vaulted in the 12.00 Patch.
  • Cozy Campfire – Vaulted in the 11.0.0 Patch.
  • Zapper Trap – Vaulted in the 11.00 Patch.
  • Auto-Sniper Rifle – Vaulted in the 11.0.0 Patch.
  • Flint-Knock Pistol – Vaulted in the 11.00 Patch.
  • Hand Cannon – Vaulted in the 11.00 Patch.


What was vaulted in Season 4 Chapter 2?

Vaulted weapons and items

  • Tactical Shotgun (all rarities)
  • Pistol (Epic/Legendary)
  • Rapid Fire SMG (Rare/Epic/Legendary)
  • Submachine Gun (All rarities)
  • Hunting Rifle (Epic/Legendary)
  • Flare Gun (Rare)
  • Launch Pad (Epic)
  • Stink Bomb (Rare)
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What healing items were vaulted at the start of Chapter 2?

Vaulted items appear to be the damage trap, bolt-action sniper rifle, a normal SMG and some versions of the rocket launcher.

Are pumps vaulted in Season 5 Chapter 2?

Pumps are not back in Fortnite as of Season 5. There is no news from Epic about their re-release. The weapon was originally “vaulted” during Chapter 2, Season 3, and it was replaced with the Charge Shotgun in matches.

What is the best guns in fortnite Chapter 2?

A Tier Weapons

Weapon DPS Reload Time
Assault Rifle 181.5 2.3 seconds
Tactical Shotgun 132 5.1 seconds
Pump Shotgun 81.2 3.7 seconds
Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle 38.28 2.5 seconds

What’s the worst gun in fortnite?

#1 – Revolver

Taking the top spot on the list of worst Fortnite weapons is the classic Revolver. Recently unvaulted with Season 4, the Revolver is more of a gimmick weapon than anything else. There’s really no use for it besides hitting a trickshot or eliminating an enemy one minute into a match.

Where is the best loot in fortnite Chapter 2?

Believer Beach came into the 7th Season of Fortnite’s Chapter 2 with a large amount of attention centered on it. The location contains the highest spawn rate for loot chests and stretches over a wide section of land, leaving room to move around enemy teams.

Did the scar get vaulted?

It has been widely reported on social media that the Epic/Legendary Assault Rifle, also known as the Scar, has been vaulted. The Scar has been a staple of the Fortnite loot pool since the game first launched and has never left the loot pool. CONFIRMED: We can confirm the Scar is still in Fortnite.

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Why did they remove the chug jug?

The Legendary Chug Jug is still vaulted, though. And the Mythic variant was vaulted with the release of Chapter 2 Season 4. The Chug Jug has been vaulted in Patch 11.0, making it only available in Creative mode, as almost any other vaulted item. It has been vaulted in order to free up space.

Did snipers get vaulted?

Epic Games recently changed the weapon meta in Fortnite Season 6 by vaulting all Sniper Rifles. This was followed up with a new system of crafting and hunting where players have to use bows instead of snipers for long-range combat.

What is vaulted in Season 4?

Vaulted weapons/items

  • Tactical Shotgun (all rarities)
  • Pistol (Epic/Legendary)
  • Rapid Fire SMG (Rare/Epic/Legendary)
  • Submachine Gun (all rarities)
  • Hunting Rifle (Epic/Legendary)
  • Flare Gun (Rare)
  • Launch Pad (Epic)
  • Stink Bomb (Rare)


Is the charge shotgun vaulted in Season 4?

Fortnite: All weapons vaulted in Season 4

While most players prefer other shotguns such as the Charge Shotgun, it was recently nerfed during Patch 13.0, and has been removed now.

Is the TAC shotgun vaulted?

In Patch 14.0, the Tactical Shotgun was vaulted for the 1st time, and was replaced by the Combat Shotgun. It is because the Tactical Shotgun was too weak after the weapon nerf in Patch 13.0.

Tactical Shotgun (Battle Royale)

Tactical Shotgun
Vaulted Patch 14.00 Patch 16.00
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