Can you shoot sabot slugs in a smoothbore shotgun?

Sabot slugs in a rifled barrel are very accurate. Shooting sabot slugs through a smooth bore is a waste of money. They will “work” but accuracy suffers and there is no reason to spend the extra money for sabot slugs if you are going to shoot them through a smooth bore.

Can you use slugs in a smoothbore shotgun?

In addition to shooting shot, you can also shoot slugs out of a smooth bore barrel. If you are taking closer shots (less than 100 yards), a smooth bore may be sufficient. … When using a smooth bore, your projectile will still have spin on it because the projectile will be rifled.

Can I use sabot slugs in a smoothbore shotgun?

Definitely, a sabot slug should always be used in a rifled shotgun barrel. You can also use sabot slugs in a smoothbore barrel but most hunters see it as a waste of money to do so. You’ll get less than optimal performance.

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What is the best slug for a smooth bore shotgun?

The American Whitetail® 12 gauge Rifled Slug turns your smooth bore shotgun into a deer hunting machine! Designed for smooth bore barrels, Hornady® American Whitetail® Rifled Slugs feature a 1-ounce lead alloy slug that is loaded to 1,600 feet per second.

Can you shoot sabots out of a smooth bore?

Of course you can shoot a sabot round through your smoth bore. That just makes a very large breech loading smooth bore musket. Your accuracy will be non existant however, since the sabot round requires rifling for proper operation.

Will rifled slugs hurt a smooth barrel?

RE: Rifled slugs in the smooth bore? Shooting rifled slugs in a rifled barrel will not harm the barrel. It may lead it up a bit making cleaning difficult though. A rifled barrel does not improve the accuracy of rifled slugs so the rifling benefit is wasted.

What happens if you shoot a slug through a choke?

Rifled slugs can be designed to deform through the narrower choke, but will lose both power and accuracy relative to a cylinder or improved cylinder choke. As you fire slugs through the more full chokes, with repeated use you will open the choke too much and change the nature of the choke.

What happens when you shoot a sabot slug in a smoothbore shotgun?

Shooting sabot slugs through a smooth bore is a waste of money. They will “work” but accuracy suffers and there is no reason to spend the extra money for sabot slugs if you are going to shoot them through a smooth bore. Besides, if they are not flying straight and nose-first, they will not expand as designed.

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How much does a 12 gauge slug drop at 100 yards?

Maximum effective range is limited as much by the slug’s rapid decay of energy and velocity as by its poor accuracy.” Published in 1964, the “Fact Book” states that a typical 12-gauge, 1-ounce slug traveling at 1560 fps loses 60 percent of its energy at 100 yards.

Are all shotgun slugs rifled?

Most shotgun slugs are designed to be fired through a cylinder bore or an improved cylinder choke, rifled choke tubes, or fully rifled bores. Slugs differ from round-ball lead projectiles in that they are stabilized in some manner.

What is the most powerful shotgun slug?

Most powerful slugs in either 12 gauge, or 20 gauge, are Dixie Slugs. It is a modern reintroduction of the old cordite-powered Paradox Loads, good for everything from pigs to pachyderms. Dixie’s slugs would be much more appealing to me if he could load them faster.

What is the best 12 gauge rifled slug?

2014’s Best Slugs For Deer Hunting

  • Remington HyperSonic Slug. …
  • Kent Five-Star Rifled Deer Slug. …
  • Hornady American Whitetail Slug. …
  • Hornady Custom Lite Slug. …
  • D Dupleks Hexolit 32. …
  • Lightfield Hybred EXP. …
  • Wolf Power Rifled Slug. …
  • Winchester XP3 Sabot Slug.


Can you shoot slugs out of a Beretta A300?

The A300 is a workhorse of a gun, I love mine and fire slugs from it all the time. Beretta even says it’s okay. It’s no problem at all.

How accurate is a smooth bore slug gun?

To 75 yards they have become extremely accurate. My current favorite is Brenneke’s K.O. , which has an attached plastic wad that works like the tail of a badminton bird to keep the the slug flying straight.

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Can you shoot slugs out of a cylinder bore?

You can fire slugs with your cylinder bore barrel, rifled slugs (also refered to as Foster Type) are designed for smoothbore/cylinder bore barrels. Sabot slugs are designed to be used in fully rifled barrel, (sometimes called a slug barrel).

What is a foster type slug?

Foster originally hand-cast these slugs and filed grooves on the side for rifling, which is much the same as Foster-type slugs appear today. The Foster slug’s greatest characteristic is a hollow rear portion, which puts most of the weight near the tip of the slug.

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