Do rifles come with cases?

When the time comes to transport two guns, rifles, shotguns or a combination, you’ll already have a case that can handle the chore. Again, if you have two scoped guns be sure the case can accommodate both firearms. If you’re planning on traveling, you may want to get a case larger than what you need.

Do guns come in a case?

Gun Case: Cases help protect your firearm as you transport them. They come with either hard or soft sides, in various styles and price ranges.

Do I need a rifle case?

A locking rifle case not only keeps your firearms safe, it helps keep kids away from your guns. Plus, when you’re flying, your case needs to be locked. It’s also a good idea to put a sticker or other marker on your case to make your gun more identifiable when you’re traveling.

What size rifle case should I get?

If your rifle measures 40 inches from muzzle to recoil pad, that is the minimum length you should consider. 42 inches would be better. You would also insist that your case be built for scoped rifles.

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What are best rifle cases?

The Best Hard Rifle Cases [2021 Review]

  • Pelican Storm iM3410 Rifle Case with Foam. …
  • Condition 1 Tactical Hard Rifle Case. …
  • Plano All Weather Rifle/Shotgun Tactical Gun Case with Wheels. …
  • Eylar 53″ Multiple Rifle Hard Case. …
  • Vault by Pelican V800 Double Rifle Case. …
  • Flambeau Outdoors 6500 AR AR Tactical Gun Case.


Should you keep the box your gun came in?

If you have the space, it is a good idea. Myself, if I kept every box for every firearm, especially the long guns, I’d be devorced by now. I do keep the blow molded pistol boxes and a few of the long gun boxes just for shipping purposes.

What state has the strictest gun laws?

States with the Strictest Gun Laws

California is the state with the strictest gun laws, and it also has the seventh-lowest rate of deaths by gun violence.

Is it OK to store a rifle in a hard case?

Storing guns in hard side cases is not advisable. I hear that foam is not good for long term storage. I’ve had great results from Corrosion X gun oil. My gun safe has desiccant in it as well as a Golden Rod dehumidifier stick.

Should I get a hard or soft rifle case?

Hard rifle cases and handgun cases offer more protection for your firearm than soft gun cases do. With a hard outer shell and interior padding to insulate your gun, a hard case might be the right choice for long-term storage or long-distance transport.

Which is better hard or soft case?

Soft rubberized cases offer better protection than hard cases because they absorb shock. Hard cases will only protect the phone from dents and scratches but it wont protect it from a strong shock. The only downside to soft cases is that they deteorate in time.

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What size case do I need for an AR 15?

For an AR 15 rifle, you need a 36-inch gun case. These are a good choice for 15 or 16 inches AR rifles. If you don’t own a 16-inch AR 15, just add 2 inches to its length and you’ll know the right size of the gun case you need.

Can I put a shotgun in a rifle case?

Long Rifles

One case will usually fit a variety of long guns, from rifles to pump and semi-auto shotguns.

What should I look for in a rifle case?

Key Features of Great Rifle Cases

  • Weight. A lightweight rifle case is easier to carry than a heavy one, but it may offer less protection (read: cushioning) for your gun than a heavier case would. …
  • Strong straps. Your rifle case needs sturdy straps that won’t pop off, tear, or break. …
  • Water resistance. …
  • Extras.

Are eylar gun cases good?

Ease of portability, a solid/durable case that’s weatherproof and relatively resistant to damage, has decent storage and is secure. The Eylar 53” case ticks of a lot of these requirements and is a solid product in terms of functionality.

Who makes the best soft rifle cases?

Best Soft AR 15 Cases / Range Bags: 30-Second Summary

Our Pick: Savior Urban Warfare Tactical is the best soft case you can get for your AR 15. It’s a double-rifle case that has all the top-of-the-line features you could possibly want (rugged construction, pockets, backpack straps, opens flat, etc.).

What are the best AR 15 cases?

  • PELICAN 1700 RIFLE CASE. Pelican is a big name when it comes to strong, high-quality rifle cases. …
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