Do weapon upgrades carry over RE8?

Every upgrade you bought for every weapon will persist. Even if you sell a weapon back to the Duke, he’ll keep the investments you made into upgrading them. You won’t have to reinvest in ammo capacity or anything. Any food items you banked with the Duke for his recipes will also persist.

Do weapons carry over RE8?

New Game Plus is an unlockable game mode available in RE8 that allows the player to start a new game with their items & weapons from their first playthrough would be carried over to a new save file.

Does Lei carry over in RE8?

In New Game Plus, quite a lot will actually carry over which will make your journey much easier. Along with every item in Ethan’s briefcase, all of his weapons, Lei, treasures, upgrades, and challenges will be brought with you. Any food items you already dumped into a recipe in the Duke’s Kitchen will also be there.

What should I upgrade to RE8?

You’ve got two options for improving weapons in RE8: customizable parts (or mods) and upgrades.

  • Customization includes things like stocks to reduce recoil or expanded magazines. …
  • Upgrades, on the other hand, improve the weapons stats like damage (power) or reload time.
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Should you sell old weapons RE8?

The short answer to this question is YES; you should sell a weapon in RE8 if it’s no longer useful. … It further means that the only way of getting rid of weapons in the game is by selling them. So, of course, you must sell useless weapons in RE8 to use that storage space for better weapons.

How do you get unlimited ammo in re8?

Please Note – in order to unlock infinite ammo for a chosen weapon, you must first purchase all weapon modifications and upgrade its components to the maximum at The Duke’s Emporium, and only then can you purchase the infinite ammo cheat in the Extra Content Shop.

Is there NG+ in re8?

The game will unlock the New Game+ mode regardless of which difficulty you first finished the game on. Hence, you can start on the lowest difficulty and then finish off NG+ on Hardcore. … You’ll remember that the game will ask you to save right after you finish the game once. Choose that save file.

Will there be a Resident Evil 9?

Capcom has yet to officially say whether or not Resident Evil 9 is in development, but there’s a lot of context clues here. We’ll go into this in more depth later, but Resident Evil Village ends with a direct teaser that blatantly sets up a direct sequel.

How much Lei can you get in one playthrough?

Normal enemies can drop anywhere between 3-7k lei per kill.

Is there infinite ammo in RE8?

There are 15 weapons with Infinite Ammo. After finishing the story go to the Title Screen > Bonuses > Extra Content Shop. … Most weapons and customizable parts can also be bought from the Duke, but some are found elsewhere in the game (see RE8 Collectible Guide for all of them).

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Is the Lemi worth keeping?

The LEMI Handgun isn’t worth holding onto for the whole game, but it’s going to be your main weapon in Castle Dimitrescu during a fresh run, so it’s worth upgrading. Lei isn’t abundant during the early game, but money isn’t particularly hard to come by after the Castle.

What is the strongest gun in RE8?

The LEMI can be fully customized immediately after you leave Castle Dimitrescu. Once upgraded, this weapon can be pretty formidable even until the late game. The Sniper Rifle provides the highest damage output during the early parts of the game.

Which pistol is better in RE8?

V61 Custom is a fully automatic weapon with the highest stats of all handgun weapons, making it the best handgun you can get in the game.

Can you kill the werewolf in re8?

How to Kill the Werewolf Boss, Varcolac Alfa. Once the werewolf spots you, it’s game on. Personally, I found that using a combination of a few mines, the grenade launcher and the M1851 Wolfsbane works a treat and will kill the werewolf in a short space of time.

Is the W870 better than the M1897?

The W870 is superior to the M1897 right off the bat. Each of its stats with the exception of its ammo capacity is an upgrade over the base M1897. When acquiring the W870, it is recommended to sell the M1897 to The Duke to free inventory space and earn a little Lei back.

Is the M1911 better than the Lemi re8?

Yeah the M1911 has significantly better stats all around. Base Lemi is 100 damage vs 1911 has 160. M1911 also has a faster base fire rate and can be fired full auto.

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