Does weapon skill matter for casters?

TLDR: No. DPS is a stat only for melee damage. Thanks! So when I compare two weapons, all other stats aside: -50 DPS, +5 INT is an upgrade for a caster.

Do weapons matter for casters?

Weapons have the highest budget of any item by a pretty big margin. If the end stats would truly be identical, then it doesn’t matter. Not sure why someone would downvote that answer. IF the end stats between upgrading two different pieces are identical, it DOES NOT MATTER which you upgrade!

How important are weapons for casters?

You will immediately notices a weapon upgrade in the range of 10-20% gains, just like melee. Weapons are still extremely important for casters. The spell power basically replaces the pure DPS part of the weapon.

Does weapon DPS matter for casters?

weapons dps increasing damage for both AA and abilities if you are not a caster. For casters only damage bonus is matter.

Does weapon skill affect damage?

If the attacker’s weapon skill is less than his level * 5, the damage reduction will be proportional to the difference between the attacker’s weapon skill and the target’s defense.

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Does weapon damage matter for mages wow?

A mage could go for any weapon-life +3 or even the gun +20% critical.. The only things that factor into spell damage are Intelligence, Dexterity (to a lesser extent), Magic skill level and whether your staff is enchanted (+20% spell damage).

Does intellect increase spell power TBC?

Intellect does not give spell power in vanilla, that was a cata change. Spell power is its own stat, coming in two variants – bonus to spell damage(and the same amount to healing) and bonus just to healing.

Are Weapons important in wow?

Weapon DPS is only important for auto attacks. In practice, better weapons give a bit of stats, and better auto attacks. If your class gets a lot of value from autos, it’s more significant. I think weapon damage is still a factor though.

What does attack power do in wow?

Attack power (AP) is a physical damage attribute derived from strength and/or agility and character level, that serves to increase your base weapon damage by an amount relative to this statistic. … By increasing the player’s base weapon damage, attack power improves the player’s auto-attacks.

Does DPS matter in wow?

<edit> TLDR: No. DPS is a stat only for melee damage.

How is DPS damage calculated?

Damage per second is calculated by multiplying a unit’s Attack Value by its Attack Count and dividing by its Attack Cooldown. Example: A Zealot has an Attack Value of 8 damage, an Attack Count of 2, and an Attack Cooldown of 0.86 seconds.

How is DPS r6 calculated?

A simple way is to calculate each weapon’s DPS (damage per second). We can do this by merely multiplying the damage of the weapon by the RPM of the weapon and then dividing by 60 in order to get the amount of damage the gun does every second.

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Is there weapon skill in TBC?

Weapon skill is turned into Expertise Rating in TBC.

How much hit do you need with 305 weapon skill?

3.2. 3 Weapon Skill

Weapon Skill % damage dealt by glancing blow Hit Cap
305 0.85 0.060
306 0.89 0.059
307 0.93 0.058
308 0.95 0.057

Does +4 weapon skill do anything?

Weapon skill reduces your chance to be dodged or parried by the target, in addition to a little bit of hit rating. It also interacts with glancing blows in a way that makes weapon skill a very favorable stat for fighting things higher level than you are.

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