Frequent question: Can u get the charge shotgun in creative?

Putting chests on your map that offer random loot will still spawn the Charge Shotgun. … Anyone with publishing power can create a map with the Charge Shotgun, with a little work.

Why is there no charge shotgun in creative?

This is an intricate and confusing weapon to use, at first. Naturally, players wanted to hop into Creative Mode to try it out. When players loaded up Creative, however, they found out that Epic had made the strange decision to omit the new weapon from this game mode.

Is the new lever action shotgun in creative?

‘Fortnite’ Update 15.20 Adds Lever Action Shotgun and Jungle Hunter Quest—Patch Notes. … The sizable download adds the Lever Action Shotgun, Hop Rock Dualies and a few new prefabs to the Creative toolset.

How do you make creative without fill?

If your having trouble with it here are the steps:

  1. Ready up (in the clip it was y)
  2. Hit change game mode (in the clip it was x)
  3. Wait until the creative menu pops up. (it will stack ontop of the change game mode).
  4. Click on fill (in the clip it was a)
  5. Click on creative again (in the clip it was a).

Is the lever action shotgun in arena?

The Lever Action Shotgun in Fortnite seems to be an upgrade on the existing Pump Shotgun. Other than being available as a random loot drop, players can also find the new weapon through an NPC in the arena mode. This NPC can be found in the factory building located between Slurpy Swamp and Misty Meadows.

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What is the newest gun in fortnite?

Fortnite new weapons

  • Rail Gun. Epic Games. The IO’s Rail Gun sounds like many people’s worst nightmare – a sniper that can shoot through surfaces. …
  • Kymera Ray Gun. Epic Games. …
  • Pulse Rifle. Epic Games. …
  • Recon Scanner. Epic Games. …
  • Nuts and Bolts. Epic Games.


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