Frequent question: Can you upgrade weapons days gone?

There aren’t a huge number of upgrades available for weapons, but there are a couple that can be used to give the player a slight edge for sure. … Most of the weapons in the game have an extended magazine that the player can acquire, but they will need to purchase each one individually.

Where do I upgrade weapons days gone?

Upgrading and Getting Better Guns in Days Gone

Guns can be found in the wild but those guns cannot be stored in your gun locker. Guns can be purchased at certain camps: specifically Tucker and Iron Mike’s Camps during the first half of the game and Wizard Island later on.

What can you upgrade in days gone?

[Top 5] Days Gone Best Bike Upgrades

  • Storage – Performance Upgrade.
  • Tyres – Performance Upgrade.
  • Engine – Performance Upgrade.
  • Frame – Performance Upgrade.
  • Fuel Tank – Performance Upgrade.
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What is the best weapon in days gone?

Days Gone: 10 Best Melee Weapons, Ranked

  • 8 Machete.
  • 7 Spiked Bat.
  • 6 Ripper Blade.
  • 5 Superior Club.
  • 4 Lawn Mower Machete.
  • 3 Baseball Bat Axe.
  • 2 Superior Mace.
  • 1 Superior Metal Axe.


How do you upgrade days gone in melee weapons?

How to Craft Melee Weapons in Days Gone

  1. You’ll need the base weapon required to upgrade it.
  2. You’ll also need the correct crafting components.
  3. Once you have them, head into the survival wheel with L1.
  4. Highlight Melee Weapons and you’ll see options to craft new weapons.
  5. Hold R1 to Craft.


Will there be days gone 2?

Days Gone 2 has reportedly been shelved by Sony, a new report by Bloomberg claims. Published in April 2020, Bloomberg suggests that Sony Interactive Entertainment has passed on the option to release a sequel to Days Gone.

Which camp is best days gone?

Camps: Pros and Cons

Camp Names Features Pros
Tucker’s Camp aka Hot Springs Camp Sells only guns Best guns early in the game but they are locked behind Trust Level 2 and 3
Iron Mike’s Camp aka Lost Lake Sells both guns and bike upgrades Bike upgrades and guns that are better than Tucker’s Camp

Do you ever get a new bike in days gone?

No, when you get to the first camp they allude to it being taken for parts by the camp and that’s why they help you out getting a new one. Where can I get the fuel tank?

Can you get a new bike in days gone?

Bike upgrades are available at some of the various encampments that you will find in Days Gone. Each encampment has a mechanic where you can refuel, repair and recover your bike. However, only three offer actual upgrades to make your bike better.

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Can you go back to Wizard Island days gone?

The answer is YES, after the story you can continue to play in free roam and go back to all regions and camps. Nothing is missable. You can still roam around the map after the story and finish up what you’ve missed.

Do hordes regenerate in days gone?

It doesn’t regenerate. Don’t kill the horde if you want a story mission ;). It comes later in the story. They have the amount you leave alive.

Can you kill the sawmill horde early?

Yes, I cleared the sawmill after getting the twodog mission but before going after twodogs, so long before the actual mission in the story that requires killing them.

What is the Nero secret weapon?

The Unknown NERO Weapon is actually known as the IPCA Stun Gun. This is a reference to Siphon Filter, a PS1 game also developed by Bend Studio.

Which melee weapon is better days gone?

The Superior Metal Axe is by far the best Melee weapon in the game and has maxed out damage and durability. It does last for a maximum of 50 attacks with the former losing just 2% durability in exchange for just a hit.

Which baseball bat is the best days gone?

Axe bat is the strongest in the game. However, the Spike bat is the best weapon due to its amazing durability. So i would just stick with the spike bat, pair it with the home run ability and the hit harder ability.

Where is superior metal AXE days gone?

During the cutscene where you and Kouri discuss your wives, you’re up on a terrace overlooking Diamond Lake. After the cutscene finishes, look on the ground to your right and there will be a Superior Metal Axe in the corner of the terrace. Immediately behind that same terrace on the road, there is a blue pickup truck.

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