Frequent question: Does kydex scratch your firearm?

Conclusion. Kydex holsters are very popular. They do not damage a gun in the mechanical or operational sense of the word, but they can wear out the gun’s finish and produce scratches in some scenarios.

Do Kydex holsters damage handguns?

A properly formed Kydex holster will not wear your firearm. The inside of a Kydex holster is totally smooth. What wears on a firearm is the dirt, dust, debris, etc. that gets stuck in your holster.

Will kydex scratch my Glock?

In theory a kydex holster will scratch your gun the least as a properly made one only contacts the gun at a few points; but even then it is impossible not to rub the gun against the holster body when holstering/drawing.

Is leather or kydex better for your gun?

It really comes down to personal preference which is better. Kydex holsters come out on top when it comes to retention and reholstering. Leather holsters take the crown when it comes to comfort and style.

Will a plastic holster scratch my gun?

Most plastic holsters will leave a streak of plastic on parts of the pistol, but the plastic itself just isn’t hard enough to scratch through the finish in just a few draws without “help” in the form of something on the pistol or in the holster.

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Are leather holsters bad for your gun?

Although there are some really nice looking leather options for concealed carry, they can be dangerous to use. Over time and use leather becomes softer and more pliable. When you draw your gun from the holster the leather at the top will tend to collapse, making it difficult and dangerous to re-holster your pistol.

How durable is kydex?

Kydex is a hard thermoplastic, as it has a hardness level of 90 on the Rockwell scale. This is astonishingly more than the hard gun barrels whose hardness level on this scale is around 26 to 40. … Moreover, Kydex sheaths are durable, strong, and retain themselves better than their injection-molded equivalents.

How long does a Kydex holster last?

A Kydex holster can last you a lifetime with proper cleaning and care, whereas a leather holster may last 5-10 years with regular wear.

Can you reuse kydex?

It’s easy. Heat the Kydex with a heat gun until it’s very pliable. Insert the gun, and mash the entire holster/gun with a piece of foam. If you screw it up, reheat it and do it again.

Can I reform a Kydex holster?

If a desired shape is not acquired, the KYDEX® sheet may be reheated and reformed for desired results. … KYDEX® sheet can be wrapped around the knife/gun like a common leather sheath/holster or be made into two pieces.

Is kydex comfortable?

A general observation is that Kydex is hard and less comfortable. The tradeoff is that Kydex doesn’t collapse on the draw, and reholstering is easy. Kydex holsters are affordable, even in the better designs. (Very cheap holsters are often just plastic and should be avoided.)

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Is kydex uncomfortable?

It may be uncomfortable at first

Of course, when you’re used to a soft material, like leather or nylon, a hard plastic like Kydex can feel uncomfortable, and even foreign.

Are Kydex holsters any good?

Let’s look at Kydex: This holster is starting to make waves in the firearms world because of its innovative nature. Although thin, this thermoplastic sheet is quite durable. Besides, molding it to virtually any shape is possible. As a result, it is a good material for making holsters.

Can you prevent holster wear?

The only way to prevent wear marks on a gun is to keep it in the safe.

Does Cerakote get holster wear?

It’s OK, most any finish will wear thru a holster but this was rather ridiculous, in the first instance anyway. Surface prep is 99% of this and if they jack that up it’ll never be good.

Do Crossbreed Holsters scratch guns?

It had shiny spots and little scratch. My glock has it too from a leather holster But not as bad. Its a tool and it might save you life someday. Dont worry about The finish too much.

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