Frequent question: Is a 243 A good long range rifle?

The . 243 is a really good choice for an accurate long range round, I’ve got a factory T3 varmint that shoots 90gr Scenars really well out to about 900 yards – starts to get a bit inconsistent at 1000. When the barrel is shot out I’ll put a 1:8 twist in to shoot the heavies.

What is the maximum effective range of a 243?

243 rivals a 6.5-284 ballistically out to 1000 yards. Shooting 80-100 grain hunting bullets, a . 243 will anchor a buck with authority.

Is a 243 or 6.5 Creedmoor better?

243 has ever had a slight shadow hanging over it, that shadow is bullet weight and penetration on larger than deer-sized animals — and, to some, even deer-sized animals. The 6.5 Creedmoor wins, hands down, in this department.

How much does a 243 drop at a thousand yards?

Average Bullet Drop (Inches) at Long Range

Yards 6.5 CM .243 Win
400 -22 -19.3
500 -44.7 -39.86
700 -116.8 -116.7

Whats better 223 or 243?

223 Remington rounds – on average – achieve a velocity of about 3150 feet per second (fps) while . 243 Winchester rounds travel at a velocity of 3180 fps. … 223 Remington bullets travel 3.6 times the speed of a 737 airplane at cruising speed, while . 243 Winchester bullets travel 3.6 times that same speed.

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Will a 243 kill a bear?

. 243 is just fine for bears. Shoot it until it’s down or out of sight(just like with any caliber).

How far will a 243 bullet go?

Common commercial 243 bullets can weigh between 55 and 110 grains and would have a range of about 2 miles depending on the trajectory. The practical range is as much as 1000 yards.. 3200 fps ), Based on around gun being level and four feel from the ground.

What is the most accurate .243 rifle?

8 Great . 243 Winchester Rifles for Deer, Varmints and More

  • Winchester bolt action rifle Model 70. Winchester. Some hunters may argue you can start and end the list here with the Winchester Model 70. …
  • Mossberg Patriot Synthetic Vortex Combo. Mossberg. …
  • Browning X-Bolt Hunter. Browning. …
  • Ruger American Rifle. Ruger.

How far does a 243 drop at 300 yards?

243 Win bullet drop at 300 yards increases to -6.7 inches, -20.2 inches at 400 yards, -41.4 inches at 500 yards, -120 inches at 70 yards, and -357 inches at 1,000 yards.

How bad does a 6.5 Creedmoor kick?

The Creedmoor gets its longrange performance reputation from a combination of 140- to 143-grain, high B.C. bullets and fast twist rifling, usually 1:8 or even 1:7.5. Full house loads in 7-pound rifles recoil with about 15.7 ft. -lbs. energy at a recoil velocity of 12 fps.

How far does a 243 bullet drop at 200 yards?

This bullet really performs well up to 200, 250, and even 300 yards having a drop of just 2.7″ (2 and 1 half inches) at the 200 yard mark.

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How accurate is a 243?

243 is light, small and perfect for beginning deer hunters. … Big-game hunters in the western states use this rifle round on mule deer and even bear. It also might be one of the most accurate of all rifle rounds at ranges under 200 yards. However, it can also reach out there long range if needed.

Why is a .223 so loud?

223-5.56 is so loud is because of the Muzzle device. This is true to an extent. But the Most affecting factor is the fact that the . 223- 5.56 travels at over 3000 FPS in a 16 inch barrel, and a few hundred feet faster in longer barrels.

How much bigger is a .223 than 243?

223 vs 243 Trajectory

Overall, the 243 Winchester is a flatter shooting cartridge than the . 223 Remington is. At 200 yards, our charts show that the 243 is still positive about one inch, whereas the . 223 has dropped about an inch.

Is a 5.56 or .243 bigger?

243 is a winner compared to the 5.56mm or the 7.62mm in terms of sectional density and penetration. . 243 bullets are also winners in terms of ballistic coefficient (BC).

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