How do you change weapons in Vesteria?

How do you switch weapons in Vesteria?

The Offhand slot in Vesteria is a Mechanic that allows you to instantly switch a weapon with another if you are in the hunter class or berserker subclass. The default hotkey is “`” (button under the escape key), but you might want to change it to something more practical, like “R” or “Q”.

How do you equip Vesteria?

Every player starts off with a Stick weapon, so open your inventory (Default is Q) and equip the stick. Now once you have your stick equipped, go near a Chicken and click to swing your weapon.

Can you dual wield in Vesteria?

Warriors. … Any user of the Warrior Class can become a Berserker by speaking to Kastakar the Undaunted at Level 30. The Berserker subclass is the only subclass or class that can dual-wield and have perhaps the best sustained damage output in the entire game.

How do you get items in Vesteria?

Drops are items which are obtainable by killing enemies. Drops can be in the form of Equipment, Quest Items, Miscellaneous Items, and Consumables. Many items are dropped at low rates by certain enemies, but can be easily obtained through other means, such as purchasing from a Merchant using mushcoin.

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What is the best class in Vesteria?

The Hunter class is the most versatile class in Roblox Vesteria.

Hunter Class

  • Assassin: (DPS) You primarily target single targets and have a high burst damage. …
  • Ranger: (DPS) You use your bow to fight at range, you will also have abilities to enhance the basic attack.


Where is the whale in Vesteria?

Mobeus is a whale NPC who resides in the Slaughterbay sublocation of Port Fidelio. He is found in the waters surrounding the hut containing the dead model of the Terror of the Deep.

How do I get better armor in Vesteria?

Armor can only be upgraded using Defence (Def) Scrolls. View an item’s unique page to see how it is obtained, or to view its sell yield and cost in (if applicable). Restore 35% of damage taken as MP. (Possible more mana is restored, need more info.)

How do you level up Vesteria?

Levels are obtained in Vesteria through reaching the Experience Point (EXP/XP) thresholds. These can be gained through Quests or killing Mobs. Each Level gives a player 1 Ability point, 3 Stat points (147 being the maximum), 1 point in both ATK and DEF stats, +25 HP, and lastly +5 mana capacity.

What happened to Roblox Vesteria?

In April 2020 the game was temporarily closed because berezaa had planned to rework the entire game. When it reopened, the players’ data was wiped with little of previous content left available for playing. … The update and data wipe were rolled back, and Vesteria (for the most part) was restored to what it was before.

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How much is icicle worth Vesteria?


Item Name Current Approximated Value Absolute Max ( )
Spider Leg Bow 150 250
Sickle 5 10
Icicle 150 100
Barbarian Staff 350 400

How do you split items in Vesteria?

Click and hold to drag items. While dragging and item (don’t release), hover ur mouse over another empty slot, and right click. It should split 1 item from that stack into the empty slot.

How do you get green tier Vesteria?

Tier Thresholds

[ Gold tier items ] – Items with at least 104 upgrade points up to 146.9 upgrade points. [ Green tier items ] – Items with at least 150 upgrade points and beyond. These are excessively rare and less than 5 are currently in existence, as of december 2023.

Is Vesteria good Roblox?

Vesteria is definitely worth it. Really fun, active team, plenty of enemies, awesome animations, not even pay to win, maps are astounding, playerbase isn’t too edgy, and the 3 classes (hunter, mage, and warrior) are all unique and fun to play with. 10/10 would recommend.

What does ink and quill do in Vesteria?

The Ink & Quill is an Equipment Modifier that allows the user to attach a personalized description onto any item of their choosing. The custom descriptions have to fall in line with Roblox’s filters and that by using inappropriate words you will not lose your ink & quill but instead you’ll receive it back again.

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