How do you get r40 weapons in Disgaea 5?

How do you get legendary weapons in Disgaea 5?

To obtain legendary items (more specifically weapons), the player will need to raise their weapon mastery to level 40. This works for different classes like Fists, Swords, and more. Players can get this quickly in the Map Editor.

How do you get rank 39 items in Disgaea 5?

Go into your highest rank carnage item, and get a rank 39 from the bonus gauge or steal one from an enemy. The easiest way to get a high rank carnage item is to use the eryngi fluid evility to get mushroom soup. You’ll see a lot more rank 38s than 39s.

How do you rank up weapons in Disgaea 5?

* Go into the highest ranked Carnage Item you have. You’ll get the bottom two items on the bonus list when you skip the floor. Then Gency out. These items will be higher ranked then what you’re already in.

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How do you check your rank in Disgaea 5?

Go to the status’ screen of your characters and scroll throught the pages. One page is the Class Rank levels, wich will have the names of all your available classes at the moment and six empty stars for each one.

Where can I find God in Disgaea 5?

Item God: Appears in floor 100 in items of rank 39 or less.

How does stealing work in Disgaea 5?

Stealing is done by a thief using the UFO item’s skill ‘Crane Catcher’. The item being stolen is completely random, and the steal percentage is dependent on the TEC stat. The item being stolen would also be dropped on the ground in the field of battle, and required an ally to pick it up and place it in their inventory.

How do you get legendary items in Disgaea?

The easiest way to obtain Legendary Items is to get them off the bonus gauge. Or to steal them. Or to capture enemies holding them. It’s just like obtaining non-legendary items, except you can’t find them in the store obviously.

How do I get better equipment in Disgaea 5?

You can get high rank equipment from the Netherworld Research thing (Ninja NPC). As you discover more Netherworlds, the high level ones (100-200) start appearing. Items you can get there are rank 35-38 equipment.

How do you get innocents in Disgaea 5?

They appear randomly in items gained on maps, or ones stolen from enemies or can be farmed once tamed in the innocent shop. Innocents never appear on store items bought at the base, but do randomly show up on items in the item world shops every 10th lvl or on random item room shops.

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How do you get the cheat shop in Disgaea 5?

In order to unlock it, you need to pass a bill in the Strategy Assembly. I think the bill becomes available in Chapter 3, so check to see if it’s an option. Yep, the Cheat Shop is awesome. Basically you have 5 bars, which are defaulted at 100%, for XP, Mana, Money, Skill XP, and Weapon Mastery.

How many levels are in Item World Disgaea 5?

Unlike previous games, the rarity doesn’t affect how many floors an item has, so you can continually go through floors, as they are now infinite. However, there is an initial cap on an Item Level in this game, which is set at 500.

How do you unlock the Land of carnage in Disgaea 5?

Land of Carnage returns in Disgaea 5, now named the “Carnage Dimension”. The Carnage Dimension is unlocked through a series of quests which involves the following: Defeat an Item God in the Item World. Discover a Level 35 Netherworld or higher when researching Netherworlds.

How do you get the item God 2 in Disgaea 5?

User Info: r0xm2n. You should have just Gencied out on floor 99, and saved there. You can however just go down another 100 floors, and the next Item God will be an Item God 2.

How do you get the Baal sword in Disgaea 4?

Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten

The Baal Sword can be obtained by going to the 100th floor of a Legendary Yoshitsuna. Overlord Zetta carries the Yoshitsuna and Makai Wars during his fight in the Postlude. The player can reset until Zetta has a Legendary Yoshitsuna.

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