How do you get weapons in FF7 remake?

How do you get weapons in Final Fantasy 7 remake?

Cloud Final Fantasy VII Remake Weapon Locations

Hardedge – Players can obtain the Hardedge by purchasing it from the weapons shop in the Wall Market. Mythril Saber – You can acquire the Mythril Saber by purchasing it from the Wall Market weapons shop in Chapter 14 of the game.

What weapons can you get in ff7 remake?

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  • Buster Sword.
  • Iron Blade.
  • Nail Bat.
  • Hardedge.
  • Mythril Saber.
  • Twin Stinger.


Where can I buy weapons in ff7?

Drop by the Weapons Shop in Wall Market in Chapter 9 to get Hardedge. You’ll need to work through part of the story in the chapter in order to get access to the shop, but it’s a good idea to hit it before you go to Corneo’s Colosseum.

Where do I get Cloud’s weapons in ff7 remake?

Cloud’s Weapons & How To Get Them

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Weapon How To Get
Buster Sword Cloud’s initial weapon
Iron Blade Get from Sector 7 Slum’s weapon vendor (Chapter 2)
Nail Bat Kids On Patrol Odd Job reward (Chapter 8) Shinra Building Shop (Chapter 16)
Hardedge Wall Market Weapons Shop (Chapter 9) Shinra Building Shop (Chapter 16)

Is FF7 remake good luck?

A higher Luck stat increases a character’s chance at successfully using the Steal Command. More importantly, it increases a character’s chances of doling out a critical hit for twice the normal damage. … Therefore, fully upgrading the Luck Up Materia to boost luck by 50 percent is well worth the investment.

Does FF7 remake have Ultima weapons?

Currently, there are no Ultima Weapons to be found in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. If you’re looking for the best weapons in the game, check out the ones we recommended in the link below.

Does aerith die in FF7 remake?

Aerith may make it out alive or she might not, but there’s no way that Final Fantasy 7 Remake won’t at least acknowledge Aerith’s death and pay homage to it. For better or for worse, Aerith is frequently defined by her death scene.

What is Cloud’s best sword FF7 remake?

Our Cloud best weapon recommendation in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Cloud starts out with the Buster Sword, which when upgraded will serve you well throughout the entire game. Arguably, his best weapon beyond that is Hardedge, which deals the most attack damage, sacrificing some magic power in the process.

What is the best weapon for aerith remake FF7?

Arguably the weapon, for pure magic casting, the Mythril Rod will have the best Magic Attack stat in the game when fully upgraded. Remember: even Aerith’s basic attacks are magical and ranged. The Mythril Rod also teaches you Ray of Judgment, which is by far and away Aerith’s best and most useful weapon ability.

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Is Emerald weapon in FF7 remake?

The Emerald Weapon battle in Final Fantasy 7 took place underwater, so the action-RPG gameplay of FF7 Remake series will need to change how it works. … In FF7, once the player has acquired the submarine, Emerald Weapon spawns in the underwater world map.

How old is aerith?

Aerith Gainsborough was born on February 7, 1985, and is 22 years old.

What is the best armor in FF7?

The Chain Bangle is the best armor in the game, boasting excellent stats and materia slots. This armor is great on Cloud, who you will be using practically all the time, as well as Aerith, who will need as many slots as she can get.

Where is the twin Stinger FF7 remake?

How to get the Twin Stinger: You’ll find it on The Drum Level 3 (Passage C) of the Shinra Tower after you find Barret in Chapter 17. Weapon Ability: Counterstance — Brace for attacks and retaliate with a powerful slash.

How do you get Cloud’s weapons?

You can only get it by completing a side quest in Chapter 8 called “Kids on Patrol.” Once you’ve found a group of missing kids in the forest and defeated a nearby villain named the Toad King, one of the kids will reward you with the Nail Bat. This weapon comes with the devastating Disorder attack.

How many Materia are in FF7 remake?

To master the battle system of FF7 Remake, you’ll need to get a hang on using each of the 5 kinds of Materia, including Magic Materia, Command Materia, Support Materia, Complete Materia, and Summon Materia.

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