How do you use crystal weapons?

Crystal weapons and shields take 75 Smithing to sing; crystal tools take 80 Smithing; and attuned crystal weapons and shields take 90 Smithing. To do this requires a suited crystal seed and an amount of harmonic dust, and it is done at the singing bowl in Prifddinas.

How do crystal weapons work?

Crystal weapons are functionally very similar to weapons upgraded down the Standard path: they deal only physical damage, can be augmented, and gain increased scaling with Strength and Dexterity at +0 and +4. However, Crystal weapons have some important characteristics that set them apart from Standard weapons.

How do I turn crystal weapons into seeds?

Players can also exchange the weapon seed for 10 crystal shards by speaking to Amrod in Prifddinas’ Hefin Inn. The seed can additionally be traded to Pennant in Prifddinas for one crystal acorn.

How do you reinforce Crystal weapons?

Crystal Upgrades for weapon and shield are performed by the Giant Blacksmith at Anor Londo. Crystal weapon upgrades often deal more damage than their alternatives, however crystal weapons only be repaired by upgrading them further. Crystal weapons actually break, when their durability becomes 0.

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Are Crystal weapons worth it?

Crystal weapons can’t repaired, and their durability is lowered to 10% of it’s default durability. It’s also ~20 weapon AR more than the normal +15 weapon. Unlike most upgrade paths, Crystal Weapons can still be buffed.

Should I buy crystal greatsword?

Quite a useful weapon for new players going through the Depths and beyond. It has more durability than regular Crystal weapons and its attack power and moveset is roughly the same as a Bastard Sword +8.

Does Crystal Magic Weapon scale with intelligence?

That is to say, it is unaffected by your weapon’s stats. In effect, this means smaller, faster weapons will benefit more from the spell than larger, slower weapons. Crystal Magic Weapon’s buff amount scales with your Catalyst’s Magic Adjust stat. It does not scale with your Int stat.

Should I make my weapon raw?

With just bare minimum stats Raw should be a stronger weapon for you. Once you start putting points in str/dex the normal weapon should start outscaling Raw. The way it currently is it doesn’t really matter how high your str/dex is. The base damage of +15 is higher than the base damage of +5 Raw.

Is darkmoon blade better than crystal magic weapon?

They are as strong if you have the same spell buff. But, at 60 fth, Yorshka’s chime has a little more spell buff than a court sorcerer’s staff at 60 int, and a a result, darkmoon blade at 60 faith will be slightly better than crystal magic weapon at 60 intelligence.

How do you recharge crystal equipment?

To recharge the tools, the player must load in crystal shards (this can be done before it is inactive as well). Dismantling a crystal tool will return the dragon equivalent and crystal tool seed to the player and doing so will lose all crystal shard charges that were previously loaded.

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How do you charge a Crystal Teleport seed?

A crystal teleport seed can only be recharged if it is completely out of charges. Crystal teleport seeds obtained from Elf warriors are initially uncharged. The elves Eluned (Islwyn after The Light Within) or Ilfeen can be paid to recharge crystal teleport seeds. This method of charging adds eight charges to the seed.

How do I get crystal Hally?

The crystal halberd is a degradable two-handed weapon made from elven crystal. It requires completion of the Hard Western Provinces Diary to wield, as well as 70 Attack, 35 Strength and 50 Agility. In order to obtain a crystal halberd, one must talk to Islwyn who will offer to sell a crystal halberd for 750,000 coins.

Can you repair crystal halberd?

sadly crystal weapons cannot be repaired, if you like the moveset you could make a +15 halberd using andre the blacksmith (you’ll need two ember items for the full upgrade path.)

What’s the best weapon in Dark Souls?

Ranked: 15 Most Powerful Weapons In Dark Souls

  • 8 Balder Side Sword.
  • 7 Black Knight Greatsword.
  • 6 Estoc.
  • 5 Moonlight Greatsword.
  • 4 Black Knight Sword.
  • 3 Zweihander.
  • 2 Claymore.
  • 1 Black Knight Halberd.


Is the crystal sword good dark souls?

However, it can be an effective weapon for dealing with regular mobs, being equivalent to a Longsword +8. By the time these start dropping from enemies, they are mediocre, though useful if you feel the need to use a fast weapon. Be wary when seeing this weapon in PvP, for it is rarely actually used.

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