How good are POF rifles?

The gun is smooth shooting and easy to control. This is due to a combination of things, including the effective muzzle brake, how the gas system is set up, lightweight reciprocating parts and the action spring. POF-USA has balanced all of this in such a way to make the gun light recoiling with little muzzle movement.

Is POF a good rifle brand?

The company makes exceptionally accurate, expensive, and outfight heavy battle rifles for the most demanding of end users. Lately, they’ve decided to chase down some AR purists and those who’d like a rifle that isn’t downright fat.

Who makes POF AR?

Patriot Ordnance Factory (POF-USA) manufactures and distributes law enforcement, military and civilian rifles in Phoenix, Arizona, and was the first manufacturer and seller of gas-piston-operated weapon systems on AR-style rifles in the United States.

Is POF-USA a good company?

In less than two decades in operation, the POF-USA automatic rifles have rightfully earned a reputation for being among some of the very best on the market. The designs have been widely recognized as well.

Is the POF revolution worth it?

It is not worth the funds. When they work they work pretty well, but not all of them run. And you can get better rifles for the money anyways. If you want a small frame AR10 F4 Defense does it better.

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Is POF still in business?

POF was founded back in 2003 in Canada by Frind, who bootstrapped the business, retaining control and sole ownership of the company — and is now headed for a $575M cash out (once the deal closes).

Is the Patriot factory legit?

Patriot Ordnance Factory is one of those of brands that consistently produces superb rifles, and their latest gun—the Constable—not only offers a number of POF-exclusive features but also comes in at a price point that makes it one of the best bargains in black guns.

Who owns POF USA?

Our Guests: Frank DeSomma

Frank DeSomma is the owner of Patriot Ordnance Factory – POF-USA was the first company to take the gas piston AR to market and has been leading the way with their revolutionary platform innovations ever since.

What is a P416?

The P416 is a select fire assault rifle/carbine based on the AR-15 platform manufactured by Patriot Ordnance Factory, a US firearms manufacturer based in Phoenix, Arizona. … The rifle is offered in a variety of barrel lengths, and features fully ambidextrous controls as standard.

Who makes piston driven?

Colt LE6940P

Long associated with the AR platform, it should be no surprise that Colt offers a piston-operated rifle. Called the LE6940P, the rifle is chambered in 5.56mm NATO and uses all standard AR-15 magazines. The LE6940P come with a 16.1-inch barrel, folding backup sights and an adjustable buttstock.

How much is a POF revolution?

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PRICE $2,599.99
Stock Mission First Tactical Buttstock & 14.5? M-LOK MRR Free-Floating Rail
Sights Receiver Length Picatinny Rail
Weight 7.3lbs
Action Semi Automatic
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Is a 6.5 A Creedmoor?

The 6.5mm Creedmoor was designed specifically for long-range target shooting, although it has success in game hunting. Bullet-for-bullet, the 6.5mm Creedmoor achieves a slower muzzle velocity than longer cartridges such as the 6.5-284 Norma or magnum cartridges such as the 6.5mm Remington Magnum.

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