How much damage does a primitive pump shotgun do?

While the Pump-Action Shotgun has a base damage of 14×46, all creatures aside from Humans take only 70% damage from guns. This means that this Shotgun only does around 14×32 damage to creatures.

How much damage does a primitive pump do in Ark?

The pump action does 46 damage per pellet and 14 pellets per shell/6 shells per magazine and 4.3 second reload time.

How much damage does a shotgun do in Ark?

on the wiki it says it does 63*10 ranged damage which im assuming is 630 but it doesnt feel that strong at all i was doing a damage test on trike and a dodo trike took 4 shots to die and beleive it or not dodo took 2 so is the dmg srsly 630?

How much damage does a pump shotgun do in fortnite?

Formally in Chapter 1, the Common, Uncommon and Rare variants of the Pump Shotgun was only obtainable from Floor Loot while the Epic and Legendary variants were available from Chests, Supply Drops and Floor Loot.

Stats (Patch 6.31 – Patch 11.00)

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Pump Shotgun
Bullet Type
DPS 77
Damage 110
Fire Rate 0.7

What gun does the most damage in Ark?

1 Longneck Rifle

Easily the best weapon in the game, the longneck rifle has amazing range, causes extreme damage, and is easy to obtain. Both the weapon and its ammo are inexpensive, and no player regrets making it.

Are shotguns good in Ark?

TL;DR: I would recommend always having a pike, crossbow and a shotgun because they’re really good for everything. Longneck for taming high level creatures. Fabricated sniper for mount combat. Flamethrower and pump shotgun for caves.

How many pellets does a shotgun shoot ark?

The shotgun is a shortened double barrel shotgun. A single shell of Simple Shotgun Ammo fires 10 pellets, and each of these pellets has an individual collision check, meaning a single simple shotgun shell has the potential to hit a single target up to 10 times at point blank range.

What is the most powerful Dino in Ark?

There are several big predators in Ark: Survival Evolved, but the t-rex is arguably the best. Why? Because it is one of the most dominant creatures on the island. The t-rex has a tremendous amount of stamina and health when compared to other predators.

What is the strongest armor in Ark?

Armor’s protection from damage

Armor Type Pieces in set Armor rating
Ghillie Armor 5 160
Chitin Armor 5 250
Flak Armor 5 500
Hazard Suit 5 325

Do guns work underwater ark?

U can hurt dinos with gun from land when they are underwater but still u can do nothing underwater.

Are pumps gone?

Pumps are not back in Fortnite as of Season 5. There is no news from Epic about their re-release. The weapon was originally “vaulted” during Chapter 2, Season 3, and it was replaced with the Charge Shotgun in matches.

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Can a blue pump do 200 damage?

Fortnite Shotgun Damage Stats

Pump Shotgun (Uncommon, Green): 95 damage, 190 max headshot damage. Pump Shotgun (Rare, Blue): 100 damage, 200 max headshot damage.

Will the pump shotgun come back in Season 4?

The Pump Shotgun is back in Season 4, returning from the Vault. In its place though, some weapons like the Tactical Shotgun and regular SMG are being vaulted.

Is sword better than Pike ark?

Attack Speed is about 1.9 attacks per second, giving the weapon a very high DPS of 171 damage per second against unarmored targets. Although this is nearly three times as high as the DPS of the pike, the Sword lacks in range and knockback capabilities.


Resource Efficiency
Hide ★★★☆☆

Is the pistol worth it in Ark?

Fabricated pistol is a good weapon while taming or farming due to its weight of only 2.5 units, making it the the lightest weapon in the game. Also, its good fire rate and decent damage help in most situations.

Do headshots matter in Ark?

In Ark: Survival Evolved, creatures can have various hitboxes that modify damage when hit. 40 creatures have head hitboxes, meaning a headshot will deal significantly more damage and torpor (for most creatures, 3 times more).

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