Question: Can you apply for a pistol permit online in NY?

To access the portal and learn more about applying on-line (on the computer) for a handgun license or a rifle/shotgun permit, visit … The telephone number for the Handgun Section is (646) 610-5560, and the telephone number for the Rifle/Shotgun Section is (718) 520-9300.

Where do I get a pistol permit in NY?


  • Obtain an application from your local licensing agent, either the local police or county clerk.
  • Fill in the application and obtain any required character references signatures and have your application Notarized.
  • Be fingerprinted and submit your application.


How hard is it to get a pistol permit in NY?

“New York City is one of the most restrictive CCW jurisdictions in the country, and it is very hard to get. On average it takes between six and nine months. It’s recommended that one use an attorney who is experienced in the process,” Nino Bosaz, the New York-based editorial director of Athlon Outdoors, told Fox News.

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How much does it cost to get a New York State pistol permit?

The application fee for a handgun license and for renewal is $340 (three hundred and forty dollars). The application fee for a Rifle/Shotgun permit is $140 (one hundred and forty dollars). The fingerprint fee is $88.25 (eighty eight dollars and twenty five cents).

How long is the NYS pistol permit class?

The course is four and one-half hours of lecture-style presentation with practical application. Students are introduced to the basic operations of a handgun, safe gun handling, and general information related to confident and proficient gun ownership.

Can I shoot a pistol in NY without a permit?

You must be a resident of New York and have a New York State county of residence issued Pistol Permit to shoot a pistol on our range. However, you may shoot long guns (either your own personal long gun or one of our rentals) in pistol calibers on the range. The only rifle caliber we allow is . 223.

Can you carry a handgun in New York State?

The carry of a handgun in New York is limited only to those individuals who hold a valid pistol license, possess a registered handgun, and are carrying said handgun in compliance with the restrictions as they appear on the license and other applicable state and federal law.

Can I get a pistol permit with a DWI in NY?

In each County in New York State, pistol permits are issued by one (or more) designated County Court Judges. If you have a pistol permit and are charged with a misdemeanor or felony (including a DWI) will trigger a review of your permit.

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How many rounds can you carry in NY 2020?

New York limits any person to putting seven rounds of ammunition into a magazine, unless the person is at an incorporated firing range or competition recognized by the National Rifle Association or International Handgun Metallic Silhouette Association, in which case the limit is ten rounds.

Can I open carry on my property in New York?

The strict answer to the question is that, in most jurisdictions in New York, you can open carry a long gun on your own property. In ALL jurisdictions in New York, you will need a permit to possess a handgun on your own premises.

Can you open carry in NY?

New York is a non-permissive open carry state. This means that the state prohibits the open carry of loaded firearms. However, you can still possess firearms in a concealed manner with the state carry license.

Do you have to take a pistol permit class in NY?

This is the only course needed to apply for your pistol permit. … Further information is given at class. You only need to take one (1) training class not both.

Do you have to take a pistol safety course in NY?

The New York State Basic Pistol Safety course is required to be completed before applying for a New York State Pistol permit. Based on the “FIRST Steps” class format from the NRA Basic Pistol Course curriculum.

How long does it take to get a pistol permit in Genesee County NY?

The Genesee County process is an easy process for most, The process can take from 3 to 6 months.

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