Question: Is electric whip a ranged weapon?

The Electric Whip is a whip-type ranged weapon which auto-targets enemies, and deals damage to nearby enemies when it hits.

Are whips considered melee?

Despite their similarities with Melee weapons, whips are still classified as Summon weapons.

Is the electric whip good dead cells?

I’m probably going to get some bad karma here with this sugestion but for me the electric whip is way overpowered. I made it to the first boss with a lvl 1 whip from every road i know of so far ( 3 road ) and in every run it greatly reduce the number of serious fight i had to take. …

Can wizards use whips?

Abjuration works fine. Really the key detail on whip wizard is the spell sniper feat, it makes the whip a useful weapon to any wizard. If you are also looking at non wizard casters then obviously hexblade is an easier choice than wizard, since it’s got the whip proficiency (and armours) already.

Are whips finesse?

Whips are practically made for rogues. They are a finesse weapon with reach. This would give melee rogues an extra 5 ft. to work within melee distance. … If we give rogues proficiency with whips the weapon now has a niche.

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Are whips ranged dead cells?

The Electric Whip is a whip-type ranged weapon which auto-targets enemies, and deals damage to nearby enemies when it hits.

Are whips melee dead cells?

Unlock cost

Valmont’s Whip is a melee weapon, which ignores shields and deals a critical hit when hitting an enemy with the tip.

What is the best weapon in dead cells?

Top 10 Best Weapons in Dead Cells 2021 | Build the Best Arsenal…

  • Ice Bow.
  • Sadist’s Stiletto. …
  • Symmetrical Lance. …
  • Hokuto’s Bow. Image Source: Reddit. …
  • Marksman’s Bow. Image Source: Reddit. …
  • Lightning Bolt. Image Source: TheGamer. …
  • Assault Shield. Image Source: Gameplay Tips. …
  • Alchemic Carbine. Image Source: Imgur. …


Are whips weapons viable?

Used properly, it can be very useful. A weighted handle can easily be used to break bones and even crack a human skull. I’ve used the handle end of whips to break many things in demonstrations including 1/2″ Hardwood. Whips can be used as a rope dart, a nunchuck, a staff, and a garrote.

Can bards use whips?

The bard has always been a bit of an unusual class. One thing, though, that I’ve really enjoyed about the bard is that they get Exotic Weapon Proficiency (whip) for free.

Can you dual wield with a whip?

Yeah, Whip isn’t that well suited for it. Since it’s not light, you can’t by RAW dual-wield them. Rogues don’t come with proficiency at them. So you’ve got a few bits to overcome to make it as effective as using a weapon you’re proficient in.

Are whips good DND?

The whip is a finesse weapon so you can use it with sneak attack while taking advantage of the reach it provides. Really, anything you’d want finesse reach for would be where to use a whip since no other reach weapon has finesse.

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What damage does a whip do?


Name Cost Damage
Whip 2 gp 1d4 slashing

Can a sorcerer use a whip?

However, more powerful sorcerers can resist the whip’s strength if it is used on them, allowing a skilled sorcerer to turn the whip’s great force back on the user to effortlessly disarm them.

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