Question: What is the best handgun in re2?

What is the strongest gun in Resident Evil 2?

“Lightning Hawk” Magnum

The Lightning Hawk is one of the most powerful gun you will have access to throughout the entirety of the game. You will be able to obtain this relatively early on in the game, and will be able to kill most common enemies in a single shot.

What pistol does Claire use?

The SLS 60 is Claire’s standard issue pistol that you receive at the start of the game. Underpowered but full of potential, this pistol is made much more useful when you pick up the reinforced frame upgrade, which allows you to load it with stronger ammo, turning it into a magnum-style sidearm.

What’s better Samurai Edge or Matilda?

Samurai is a better starting gun since it can hold more bullets per clip. … SE allows you to hold 15 bullets while an upgraded matilda allows you to hold 24.

What pistol does Leon Kennedy use?

Leon’s main weapon is a custom SIG-Sauer P226 E2 made especially for DSO Members, known as the “Sentinel Nine”.

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How do you get infinite ammo in re2?

Unlimited Ammo Samurai Edge Handgun – S-Rank the game on Standard Difficulty to unlock. Unlimited Ammo LE-5 Submachine Gun – S-Rank the game on Hardcore Difficulty to unlock.

How many guns are in re2?

Claire Redfield has 7 Weapons that she can obtain over the course of her Story – with one weapon only available during her Second Run.

What gun is the Matilda based on?

The VP70 is a 9×19mm, 18-round, double action only, semi-automatic/three-round burst capable polymer frame pistol manufactured by German arms firm Heckler & Koch GmbH.

Heckler & Koch VP70
Rate of fire 2200 rounds/min (three-round-burst mode)
Effective firing range 50 m
Feed system 18-round box magazine

What gun is the M19 in modern warfare?

Weapon Stats for M19 Handgun in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare & Warzone!

M19 Handgun Basic Information.

Weapon Type Handgun
Weapon Feature Semi-automatic 9mm pistol, excellent stability with a rapid cycle rate.
Unlock Level 37

Is the JMB Hp3 good?

JMB is better in every way except holding slightly fewer bullets initially. You don’t have to worry about focusing your shots, since the laser makes every shot a focused shot, even while moving. It gets a capacity upgrade later, eliminating any real advantage of the SE.

Which Samurai Edge is the best re2?

Jill / Chris Edge is literally just your starter pistol with a faster focus. Weskers Edge is more powerful and it takes like about as long as your standard pistol does to focus, perhaps slightly longer but it’s very minuscule in difference. The biggest selling point is it’s more powerful.

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Is lightning hawk a real gun?

It’s based on the IMI Desert Eagle, which bears that name in the original game.

Is the Samurai Edge a Beretta?

INTRODUCTION. The Samurai Edge, a series of fully customized firearm based on the Beretta 92FS and issued to the members of the R.P.D. S.T.A.R.S. , is one of the most well known weapons featured in the Resident Evil/Biohazard franchise.

What gun does Ada Wong use?


Leon Kennedy
Weapon Clip Ammo
Shotgun 8 Shotgun
Ada Wong
Weapon Clip Ammo

What rifle does Leon use in RE4?

The Silver Ghost is a personal firearm that belongs to Leon S. Kennedy, designed by Joseph Kendo.

What gun does Albert Wesker use?

Beretta 92FS “Samurai Edge” (Albert Wesker)

The gun is from RE5, with all the features seen there such as the two-tone finish with standard and Inox parts, an extended rail mount, a skeleton hammer, an extended beavertail, and is equipped with a LAM-1000 under the barrel.

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