Quick Answer: How long is a Mossberg Maverick 88?

Gauge 12
Stock Finish Synthetic (Black)
Weight 6.25
Length 39.5″

How long is the Mossberg Maverick?

Mossberg Maverick

Maverick 88
Mass 6lbs (2722g)
Barrel length 18.5″,20, 22, 26, or 28″ (470mm,508mm or 660mm )
Cartridge 12 or 20 Gauge 2-3/4″ or 3″
Action Pump action

Is the Maverick 88 a good shotgun?

The Maverick 88 is great for an introductory shotgun, a home-defense shotgun, or a truck-gun. It’s durable, dependable, and shoots true every time. The Maverick 88 has the same features as the Mossberg shotguns with dual extractors, twin action bars, positive steel to steel lockup, and even the anti-jam elevator.

How long is a Mossberg Cruiser?

Models New for 2021

500 Tactical – JIC FLEX
#57340 #57340 12 28.125″
Maverick 88 Cruiser – 8 Shot
#31080 #31080 12 30.375″

How many shells does a Mossberg Maverick 88 hold?

The shotgun features a black synthetic stock and forearm for durability and a 6-round magazine capacity with 2-3/4″ shells and a 5-round capacity with 3″ shells.

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Is the Maverick 88 drop safe?

The 88 is not drop safe. That means if you store it with a round in the chamber and it tips over it can discharge.

Can the Mossberg Maverick 88 shoot slugs?

Yes! You can shoot anything that fits within the gauge and length ( i.e. 2 3/4″, 3″ 3.5″) rating for your barrel. Shooting slugs through a full choke most like won’t blow your gun up but repeated use could stress the metal and cause a failure down the road so I would avoid doing it if possible.

Is the Maverick 88 good for home defense?

The Maverick 88 is reliable, rugged, inexpensive, and powerful. It is the perfect choice and an excellent value for anyone looking for a home defense gun on a budget.

Will 00 buckshot kill a human?

Since at 200 yards a 00 buck shot pellet fails to penetrate the 1/2″ pine board standards, it is very likely not to reach the vital organs of a person if it hits them at all. However anything beyond 100 yards starts creating too many pellet missing the target, so effectiveness starts to drop rapidly beyond that.

Why are shotguns good for home defense?

The 12-gauge pump shotgun is touted as the ultimate home defender. … Shotguns cast a wider shot pattern, and can take down an intruder even in the most inexperienced hands. Once properly set up, the 12-gauge shotgun is probably the best all-around choice for the average homeowner seeking a defensive firearm.

Can you put a stock on a Mossberg 500 Cruiser?

Registered. Yes you can swap the pistol grip with a stock.

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What’s the difference between a Mossberg 500 and 590?

Generally, the 500 models have less shell capacity and longer barrels, but they’re all ambidextrous and smooth to shoot. Mossberg 590 models are built around the concept of military use with the certification of MilSpec 3443E and have no real hunting applications.

Is a Mossberg Cruiser a pistol?

If there’s no buttstock and the overall length is less than 26 inches, then the firearm is technically a handgun. … In this case, the Mossberg Compact Cruiser 500 and 590 are firearms that don’t have a buttstock, are under 26 inches in overall length, and fire shotgun shells.

Do Mossberg 500 accessories fit Maverick 88?

All Mossberg 500 Parts & accessories will work on the maverick 88.

Can you change the forend on a Maverick 88?

In order to change the forend on an Mav88 you will need to replace the entire slide assembly with action bars because I believe the factory forend on the 88 is permamently attached.

Will a Mossberg 500 forend fit a maverick 88?

The Maverick and Mossberg action slides are interchangeable. In fact, there are more than a few 88s that came from the factory with the 500 tube and some 500s have shipped with the 88 tube installed.

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