Quick Answer: Who makes the best small rifle primers?

Who makes the best rifle primer?

Best Large Rifle Primers

  • Federal 210M – Listed for over 50% of the loads, this primer was clearly the most popular for super-accurate loads. …
  • Winchester WLR – This is said to be the hottest non-magnum primer, and is hard enough to be used in semi-autos. …
  • CCI BR-2 – The “match” version of 200.


What is the hottest small rifle primer?

The first “magnum” primer, the Federal 215 was designed for this very purpose. Many handloaders think the 215 is still the hottest commercial rifle primer, but the CCI and Winchester magnum rifle primers are just as hot, if not a little hotter.

Are Remington primers any good?

They work fine. Often, it doesn’t really matter if you “tailor” your load to a specific primer, but sometimes it does. Some handloaders are happy with a load using a certain primer, then switch to another without fine-tuning the powder charge to get the desired accuracy and/or velocity.

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Are CCI small rifle primers good?

CCI 400 primers are excellent primers, they seem to have thick cups, if mil spec primers are not available, I would use them over brass WSR and Federal match in AR’s.

What is the difference between Magnum primers and regular primers?

The only difference between a magnum primer and a standard primer is the priming compound. “… magnum primer does is make more gas…” They make no gas at all. They merely burn a bit hotter for a bit longer.

Can primers affect accuracy?

Yes as you have seen the primer can make a huge difference in accuracy. You can most likely get that accuracy back using the br-2’s but you’ll need to rework the load. The powder charge will be different and the seating depth of the bullet could change.

What primers are hotter?

Magnum primers are “hotter” than standard primers. CCI/Speer typically recommends that magnum primers be used with ball (or spherical) powders, when loading magnum or other large capacity cases, and when it is anticipated that the cartridges will be used at temperatures below 20 degrees F.

Why are there no small rifle primers?

So what’s going on here — why can’t you find primers? One reason is that primer producers such as Federal and CCI are using the vast majority of the primers they make to complete their loaded ammunition, which is flying off the shelves.

What is the difference between small rifle primers and Small Rifle Magnum primers?

Magnum primers have a thicker cup and different anvil shapes to work better with higher pressures and ball powder. This will help prevent the round from unintentionally firing upon chambering.

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Can I use small rifle primers in 9mm?

It’s just not safe to toss a small rifle (or small pistol magnum, or small rifle magnum) primer in place of a regular small pistol primer if you already have a max or near max load. You could shoot the pressure through the roof.

Can small rifle primers be substituted for small pistol primers?

They will work. I run them in full power 327 Fed Mag loads. I would work up with rifle primers just to be safe.

Will CCI 450 primers use 223?

IIRC, Speer data recommends a magnum primer (CCI 450) for all ball powder loads in 5.56/. 223.

Does 5.56 Use small rifle primers?

Remington 6 1/2 small rifle primers tend to work best in bolt . … 223/ 5.56 rifles. The CCI #41 is a Mil Spec primer very similar to their #400, all of the Small standard primer types (pistol, pistol magnum, rifle, and rifle magnum) will fit in the . 175 pocket and you can find load data calling for each of their use.

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