What ammo does the M1 Garand take in Call of the Wild?

The M1 Iwaniec Veteran is a semi-auto rifle chambered in . 30-06. Built as a war-time weapon, the durable construction and high power made it a favorite of many hunters.

What Gun Pack is the M1 Garand in the Hunter call of the wild?

New Gun – M1 Garand | Weapon Pack 4 Release Date!

What ammo does call of the wild use?

Rifle Ammo

Caliber Type Pen
.243 Polymer-Tip 30
Soft-Point 15
.270 Polymer-Tip 35
Soft-Point 17

What ammo does the MN1890 use?


Ammo Penetration Range
7.62x54R Soft-Point 15 150 m

What weapon pack is the 30-06 in?

The Eckers . 30-06 Prestige is a classic bolt-action rifle that can take down a wide range of game. The larger caliber allows it to easily take down larger game such as Moose, while also maintaining the precision to hunt Fallow Deer without a loss of integrity. This weapon is available as part of the Weapon Pack 3 DLC.

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What is the most powerful gun in the Hunter call of the wild?

The . 338 cartridge, combined with state-of-the-art weapon technology, makes this weapon ideal for very large game such as moose and bear. With its proven stopping power, . 338 has become a popular choice among guides and outfitters that make their living in bear hunt.

Is the M1 Garand good in call of the wild?

The M1 Iwaniec is a rifle of wartime heroes, characterized by the iconic “ping” its en-bloc clip makes when it gets ejected. Reliable, balanced and semi-automatic, it’s an all-rounder masterpiece that has proven its worth in the hands of soldiers, target shooters and hunters alike.

What class are elk in Call of the Wild?

Reserve. The Roosevelt Elk is a large-sized kind of deer (class 8).

What guns for what animals hunter call of the wild?

Weapon Class 2

  • Vasquez Cyclone .45.
  • Coachmate Lever .45-70.
  • Ranger .243.
  • .270 Huntsman.
  • Whitlock Model 86 (.30-30)
  • Martensson 6.5MM.
  • Solokhin MN1890 (7.62x54R)


What does class mean in the Hunter call of the wild?

Classes. The animal classes act as an indicator which suggests an appropriate weapon to down a specific animal. Each ammo type (as specified below) has a specified range of animal classes it can be used on. Class.

What caliber is a Solokhin MN1890?

Solokhin MN1890: Renowned for its reliability in any situation, this powerful weapon is designed to take on medium-sized targets from an impressive distance. Mangiafico 410 / 45 Colt Revolver: This sleek, modern revolver is the ideal companion for hunters looking for versatility at short distances.

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What is in Weapon Pack 2 Call of the Wild?

Expansive Worlds theHunter: Call of the Wild have released a new Weapon Pack DLC which gives you everything from Drilling Guns to Revolvers. … The Grelck Drilling Gun combines a shotgun and rifle in one, with its three barrels that let you easily switch between 16 gauge barrels and 9.3x74R ammunition types.

What’s in Weapon Pack 2 Call of the Wild?

Weapon Pack 2

  • Description.
  • Grelck Drilling Gun.
  • Solokhin MN1890.
  • Mangiafico 410/45 Colt Revolver.

What comes in Weapon Pack 3 Call of the Wild?


  • New weapon: Vasquez Cyclone .45 Big Bore Air Rifle. The Vasquez Cyclone is the poster child for a new generation of big bore air rifles. …
  • New weapon: Eckers .30-06 Bolt-Action Rifle. The Eckers is a high-end bolt-action rifle chambered in .30-06. …
  • New weapon: Andersson . …
  • Bug Fixes & Game Improvements.


What is in Weapon Pack 3 in Call of the Wild?

The wardens have just sent word that a new shipment has been delivered, containing quality hunting weapons like the Eckers . 30-06 Bolt-Action Rifle, the Vasquez Cyclone . 45 Big Bore Air Rifle, and the Andersson . 22LR Semi-automatic Pistol.

What guns are in Weapon Pack 3 in Call of the Wild?

Weapon Pack 3

  • Description.
  • Vasquez Cyclone .45 Big Bore Air Rifle.
  • Eckers .30-06 Bolt-Action Rifle.
  • Andersson .22LR Semi-automatic Pistol.
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