What Ammo mod does more damage to megatons?

What Ammo mod does the most damage to megatons?

Our second pick would be Dead Wire. Not only does the electric-type damage deal critical damage to Megatons, once fully upgraded to Tier 5, it essentially turns any weapon into the old Wunderwaffe DG-2 from World at War.

Does dead wire do more damage to megatons?

The Dead Wire ammo mod has a cooldown of 15 seconds, which can be reduced to 12 seconds by using a Tier II Elemental Pop perk. Using a weapon with Dead Wire ammo also gives a 1.5x electrical damage multiplier against Megaton units, it will however not trigger the effects.

What Ammo mod is best against Orda?

Either way, Orda is an intimidating boss with a big health bar. His mechanics aren’t exactly complicated, so all you have to worry about is doing as much damage as possible.

Recommended Equipment:

  • Ring of Fire (Level 3)
  • RAI K-84 Wonder Weapon – Pack-a-Punch Level 2.
  • +Brain Rot Ammo Mod.
  • x2 Monkey Bombs.


What are megatons weak to?

Megaton: Weak to Dead Wire electric bullets, so upgrade yourself at the Pack-A-Punch machine.

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Do ammo mods give weapon XP?

The new patch focuses on progression in both Multiplayer and Zombies mobes, with the developers addressing an issue where the Napalm Burst Ammo Mod wasn’t consistently awarding weapon XP. … However, the patch does not feature any fixes for bugs that seem to be crashing the game on Xbox Series S|X and PS5.

Did dead WIRE get nerfed Cold War?

After Black Ops Cold War Zombies’ Dead Wire Tier V Ammo Mod and Ray Gun ammo count were nerfed, Treyarch confirmed they are reverting these nerfs. … After Dead Wire Tier V was nerfed, the Ammo Mod would no longer kill these stunned enemies, but Treyarch have confirmed that they will be reverting this nerf.

Does brain rot work on megatons?

Brain Rot can be added to any weapon, independently of its upgrade level for 2000 essence at the Pack-a-Punch machine. However, it will never activate on attacks dealing more damage than the target’s health, making it less desirable on some weapon (the Knife, for example) and unusable during Insta-Kill.

How many zombies can blast furnace kill?

It allows the weapon to shoot a bullet that will explode into Fireworks with a model of a shooting weapon. The fireworks last for three seconds and kill about 6 zombies in its area of the effect. It is even capable of killing zombies past round 100+. Also Know, what does turned mean on Black Ops 3?

What happens when you kill Orda?

Once you defeat the Orda, he has the chance to drop various rewards. Not only can he drop max ammo, Orda can also drop a wonder weapon for players to pick up. Various other weapons will also drop from Orda once he is defeated.

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What rounds do Ordas spawn?

The monstrous creature will appear near the Assault Wave at the Rocky Defense when you finally reach Round 30. Orda can also be found at several other locations, however, finding him is not the real challenge.

Do megatons count as 3 elite kills?

Besides the normal zombies, you will encounter heavy-hitters that are called Megaton in this game. These Zombies are harder to kill and require more firepower. Whenever you take down an elite zombie such as the Megaton, it is considered to be an Elite Kill/Elimination.

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