What do you do with 10 weapons in PSO2?

What should I do with extra weapons pso2?

  1. If they’re 7-9 star weapons, then I either break them down into crafting materials or just sell them to the NPC shop, depending on whether I feel like moving to my room or not. …
  2. If they’re 10 star weapons, then I usually trade them in for excubes at the Recycle Shop.

What do I do with 10 star items pso2?

When you obtain certain 10* items, you can exchange at the recycle shop for 10* weapon passes to purchase 10* weapons from player shops. This requires premium though to get the passes, but for now you’ll be stuck farming for weapons.

What do I do with 13 star weapons pso2?

  1. 10-13 * Rarity can be exchanged for excubes, the higher rarity ones give more excubes per and use a different trade-in.
  2. 14-15 * Rarity can be dismantled for Plam- Materials, necessary for making certain end-game weapons plus they can sell well.

Are special weapons worth it pso2?

depends. on something like persona where almost all of the utekked weapons are cubes, they are absolutely worth picking up. additionally, with untekked stuff you have better odds of getting an 8s weapon, which could sell for 100k paying for all of the untekking and then some.

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Can you sell items on pso2?

You can sell them to the vendor. Any game with a time limit must burn in hell…with the exception of Fallout 1, Mana Khemia and Mana Khemia 2 since those were actually good.

Can you buy Excubes PSO2?

Acquisition. There are several ways to acquire excubes in PSO2. The most common method of obtaining excubes is maxing out a class’ level. Although the class may have reached the cap, the character will continue earning experience points in that class.

Where is the ex Cube shop PSO2?

The EX-Cube Exchange Shop is where you can exchange EX-Cubes for a variety of rewards. Nyssa, the EX-Cube Exchanger, can be found in the second floor of the Shopping Plaza across the Beauty Salon, located on the far left side of the red stall, beside Tifris.

Can you trade 13 star weapons pso2?

User Info: D33p_Inside. You can only trade weapons up to 12* rarity and units up to 11*. 13/14* weapon can be sold on the market, but units past 11* cannot be sold, nor can 15* weapons.

How does Loot work in PSO2?

Loot is all yours save for specific circumstances, like miles (everyone gets them if you pick it up) in Challenge Mode. I was confused at first coming from couch co-op play on PSO1. But, yeah when an item drops, everyone gets their own version of that drop.

Can you expand your inventory in PSO2?

You can add up to 100 extra slots to your standard inventory.

Should I sell discs PSO2?

Just sell them to free up your inventory space, and spend that 1,050 when you actually need those affixes, it won’t break your bank and it’s definitely worth it as you’d have the inventory space for other things.

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