What is the most powerful weapon in Oblivion?

Daedric Claymore. The Daedric Claymore is the most powerful Claymore in the game, and it is only dropped commonly after reaching level 35.

Where are the best weapons in Oblivion?


  • Daedric and Glass are the best bases for your armor, although it is the enchantments that truly make your armor and weapons. …
  • www.uesp.net/wiki/Oblivion:Items. …
  • The best sword is found in Vindasel an Ayleid Ruin found on the south west side of Red Ring Road.

What’s the strongest weapon in Oblivion?

Umbra Sword (Oblivion)

What is the best one handed weapon in Oblivion?

Hands down, the best one handed sword in the game is a Daedric Longsword that you enchant with a grand soul.

Is Umbra a leveled weapon?

No – the sword doesn’t scale. The difference is due to your character’s stats. At level 4, he undoubtedly has relatively low Strength and Blade skill, and those (Blade skill in particular) have a lot to do with damage output.

How do you get a 100% chameleon in Oblivion?

To achieve 100% Chameleon: Enchant 5 pieces of armor or jewelry with Grand level souls, each with 20% Chameleon.

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Is luck worth it in Oblivion?

Luck governs no skills directly, nor does it boost your skills over 100. However, it affects just about everything in the game. A luck value of 50 means that nothing goes for you or against you.

Can you kill guards in Oblivion?

The only way to kill one without getting a bounty is to grab some poisoned apples and drop them wherever they go to eat food. Make sure to steal all of the other food in the area first (obviously without being seen). And even then, I don’t think some guards are programmed to eat during their cycles at all.

How many unicorns are in oblivion?

User Info: tuch. There’s only one and when it’s dead, it’s dead. But be sure to nab it’s horn as it’s needed for a quest.

How do you kill Umbra?

Take off all armour and put away your weapon to make you faster. From the upper level in the room where Umbra is, fire a spell at her or an arrow. Run towards the exit. When you’ve left the ruins, get some distance from the entrance and wait a few seconds for her to appear outside.

What is the most expensive item in Oblivion?

I’m pretty sure the mundane ring is the most expensive item in vanilla Oblivion, and the Raiment of the Crimson Scar is the most expensive if you include DLC.

Can you dual wield in Oblivion?

“The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion” features dozens of weapons, though by default, the player can only equip one at a time. If the player wants to wield two swords at once, he must first install Evantal’s “Duel Wielding,” a free mod available via The Elder Scrolls Nexus.

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Should I return the Umbra sword?

If you want to keep Umbra as a zero-weight quest item, simply never return to Clavicus Vile’s shrine. If you wish to officially end this quest, however, you must return to the shrine. When you talk to Vile there are three options in all: You don’t have the sword.

Can you pickpocket Umbra?

Yes, you must pickpocket her as you would Dorian once she is paralysed. You may still need to break the weapon first.

Is Umbra hard to kill?

Umbra cannot hit the Hero while atop the pillar, preventing her from fighting back. This allows a very low level character to easily kill her with ranged attacks or magic, granted they have enough arrows and are not using The Atronach birthsign.

Can you enchant Umbra?


Umbra’s enchantment reads as a normal soul trap (120 secs) enchantment, but it actually has a second function. As Umbra’s charge lowers, its attack power rises. The more people Umbra kills, therefore, the more power it has.

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