What is Ultima Weapon?

Artema Weapon), also known as Atma Weapon or Ultimate Weapon, is a recurring superboss in the Final Fantasy series. … It is a six-limbed bio-mechanical monster that first appeared in Final Fantasy VI as an ancient war machine created during the War of the Magi.

How much does it cost to bribe Ultima Weapon?

Ultima Weapon is one of the few bosses that can be bribed (the other one is Lord Ochu in Kilika Jungle). You can Bribe Ultima Weapons for 2 and a half million gil to net yourself 99 Pendulums. This can be used to customize the master thief ability or be used in Rikku’s Overdrive Mix.

Is Ultimate Weapon optional?

Ultimate Weapon first appears in a FMV where it and the other Weapons escape the crater. Later, it is fought as a boss battle, [note 1] first in a mandatory Mideel battle, and later can be encountered in optional battles.

How much health does Ultima weapon have?

It has approximately 100,000 HP however it does not heal up after each fight, including the fight at Mideel. Focus on using your hardest hitting spells, abilities and summons in order to do as much damage to it as you can before it flies away.

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Where is Ultima Weapon?

After you face Diamond Weapon on the coast north of Midgar, you’ll find Ultimate Weapon in a sulking hover over the lake in the Junon Area. Even though it seems to have no interest in attacking you (or anyone for that matter), go ahead and ram it with the Highwind to initiate combat.

Is it worth bribing Ultima Weapon?

User Info: OrmEmbar. It goes away if you Bribe it, but you definitely should. Pendulums are so valuable and so time consuming to attain. Other than the 99 from Ultima Weapon, the only way to get a large quantity is the 30 you get at the Remiem Chocobo Race.

How good is Ultima FFX?

It is almost always the most powerful spell, hitting all enemies for non-elemental damage, often ignoring defense, Reflect and any other protection. With the exception of its debut appearance in Final Fantasy II, Ultima is considered to be Black Magic.

What is the strongest weapon in FF7?

Here are the 10 most powerful weapons in Final Fantasy 7, ranked.

  1. 1 Death Penalty. Death Penalty is Vincent’s Ultimate Weapon, and, boy, is it tough to obtain.
  2. 2 Ultima Weapon. …
  3. 3 Premium Heart. …
  4. 4 Missing Score. …
  5. 5 Venus Gospel. …
  6. 6 Conformer. …
  7. 7 Limited Moon. …
  8. 8 Apocalypse. …


What is Cloud’s strongest weapon?

Ultima Weapon has the highest stats of any of Cloud’s weapons, and eight Materia slots, though its Materia gain no AP. It is Cloud’s most powerful weapon both for dealing physical damage in attacks and Limits, and in casting spells due to the Magic stat and number of slots.

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What can you steal from Ultima Weapon?

Ultima Weapon is hovering over the waterfall. Engage in battle and use Comet2 on Ultima. You will steal a Circlet accessory which upgrades your Magic and Spirit by +30. You can only get it when Ultima is hovering in battle.

How do I get yuffie’s final weapon?

Inside the generator room is Yuffie’s ultimate weapon, the Conformer. After the rocket in Rocket Town has been launched, talk to the old man outside the Item shop. He’s the one who’s been so obsessed with the rocket. If you speak with him several time, he’ll eventually give you Cid’s ultimate weapon, the Venus Gospel.

What level should I fight ultimate weapon ff7?

Ultimate Weapon

Ultimate Weapon Level MP
61 400
Absorbs Strong Against
Steal Win Item
Cursed Ring, Circlet, Reflect Ring Ultima Weapon

What is CIDS ultimate weapon?

The Conformer is Yuffie’s ultimate weapon, found in the Gelnika. It provides 96 Attack, 112 Atk%, 42 Magic, and 4 double Materia slots with Nothing growth. It has a unique mechanic where it deals more damage the higher the enemy’s level is.

Where is yuffie’s conformer?

The Conformer is Yuffie’s ultimate weapon in Final Fantasy VII. It is found in the Sunken Gelnika.

What level should you be to fight Ruby Weapon?

Any level is fine. A basic Ribbon + Fire Elemental in your armor is enough to beat him. The only attack he has that can kill you with that setup is Ultima.

Where did cloud get his sword?

The Buster Sword’s origins are revealed with Angeal Hewley as its original owner, whose father had the blade forged when Angeal joined SOLDIER. His parents borrowed the money for the sword, and Angeal’s father worked as much as he could to pay back the debt, eventually falling ill and passing away.

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