What level should you be to fight emerald weapon?

What is the easiest way to beat Emerald Weapon?

For an easy way to beat Emerald Weapon, the player can have a character equip HP Absorb, Knights of Round, Counter, Mime. With W-Summon and two stars on the Materia, they can summon it twice.

What level should I be for Ultima Weapon?

Other Answers. I would say between level 75-80, but make sure you have what you need to beat these guys, weapons, materia etc. (especially healing materia/items) and also make sure you have at least about 8000HP for each party member. You’ll see why when you initiate battle with them.

What level should you fight Ruby Weapon?

Any level is fine. A basic Ribbon + Fire Elemental in your armor is enough to beat him. The only attack he has that can kill you with that setup is Ultima.

When can I fight Ultima Weapon?

You can find and defeat Ultimate Weapon anytime after you defeat Diamond Weapon during its attack on the city of Midgar but it is best to leave this battle until later on in the game as it becomes much easier.

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Is Emerald Weapon optional?

The player has to battle Diamond Weapon and Ultimate Weapon during the story of Final Fantasy VII, but there are two more that are optional encounters. Emerald Weapon is a nightmarish abomination that dwells in the darkness of the ocean, which the player can encounter when they acquire the submarine.

Is Emerald harder than Ruby?

Yes, ruby is harder than emerald. There is a scale, called the Mohs hardness scale. The strongest substance known to man is a diamond which is a 10 on the Mohs scale. Ruby is a 9 on the scale so that gives you an idea of strong rubies are.

What is the ultimate weapon?

The Ultimate Weapon is a device that the villainous team from the Kalos region, Team Flare, use in the games.

Is Ultimate Weapon optional?

Ultimate Weapon first appears in a FMV where it and the other Weapons escape the crater. Later, it is fought as a boss battle, [note 1] first in a mandatory Mideel battle, and later can be encountered in optional battles.

How do you steal the Ultima Weapon?

You can only get it when Ultima is hovering in battle. When he is on ground, you can steal Reflect Ring accessories. If you are on the Highwind and encounter him when he is flying around, bump into him five times; he will fly, then stop and charge up a blue energy ball over the area he is at.

What is Ruby Weapon weak against?

Ruby Weapon seems extremely resistant to physical attacks, so you’ll need to plan a primarily magical assault. Ruby Weapon’s Achilles’ heel is its weakness against Paralysis.

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Why am I doing no damage to Ruby Weapon?

Ruby Weapon will not expose its tentacles unless only a single character is alive, but is immune to all damage and status effects until that point. This is an inbuilt ability and not based on its high defense; regardless of how strong a character’s attack is, it will always do 0 damage.

How often does Omnislash hit?

Omnislash performs 15 hits, at 0.75 times Cloud’s normal damage each, on random targets. This damage is further increased as each attack is a critical hit, approximately doubling the damage.

Where do I get Ultima Weapon?

Ultima Weapon is obtained by defeating Ultimate Weapon. This can be done after Diamond Weapon is defeated. The player must chase Ultimate Weapon with the Highwind in a location it is found in the world map, starting with a crater near Junon, and fight it until it docks above Cosmo Canyon, where it can be defeated.

What is the ultimate weapon Danganronpa?

In Chapter 4, the cause of death was the Ultimate Weapon, which was used by Gundham. In Chapter 5, the cause of death was the poison, which was the true cause of death.

How many weapon bosses are in ff7?

Five Weapons feature in Final Fantasy VII, and two more are introduced in its extended universe. They exist as powerful bosses, and several of them as superbosses.

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