What pistol powders require magnum primers?

Hard to ignite handgun ball powders like W296/H110, HS-6 and HS-7 should be used with a magnum primer. Old powders like 2400 and Unique seem to work much better with standard primers and actually are more erratic when a magnum primer is used.

What pistol loads use Magnum primers?

Magnum pistol primers often will give more uniform velocities in magnum handgun cartridges loaded with large charges or slow powders like 296, 2400 and H-110. Magnum primers may be used with faster burning or easy-to-ignite powders, but normally there will be no advantage in doing so.

Do I need magnum primers?

Yes you do need a magnum primer with some powders. If you don’t use a chronograph in your load work up, you probably don’t know what is going on. Some powders in some cartridges don’t work very well at all without a Mag primer. That is the reason for Winchester’s primers.

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Can you use Magnum primers in place of standard primers?

Magnum primers are about the powder used. The cup is exactly the same as a regular primer. Pressures might go up a tick but nothing bad will happen if your buddy uses ’em. However, as mentioned, any time you change one component you need to work up the load again.

Do you need magnum primers for 357?

buck460XVR Member

As others have said, while H110/W296 require mag primers in small cases like . 357, most other powders do not. They may or may not tho, increase accuracy and velocity with other powders.

What is the difference between Magnum primers and regular primers?

The only difference between a magnum primer and a standard primer is the priming compound. “… magnum primer does is make more gas…” They make no gas at all. They merely burn a bit hotter for a bit longer.

Does 2400 need magnum primers?

2400 has never required magnum primers.

Do magnum primers have a thicker Cup?

Yes, magnum primers including CCI milspec #41 SR and #34 LR, do have thicker cups, appropriate priming compound to ignite “ball” powders, and I believe the anvil structure can vary.

What primers does a 44 Magnum use?

Winchester Large Pistol Primers state that they are for standard or magnum loads. I use WLP primers for all my 44 mag loads and have no problems with them.

Do ball powders need magnum primers?

For the most part, the cartridges you load don’t usually need a magnum primer. Hard to ignite handgun ball powders like W296/H110, HS-6 and HS-7 should be used with a magnum primer.

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Can you use Magnum primers in 9mm?

If you aren’t at or very near max loads you should be fine. Of course developing the load is better than simply swapping components. When components were harder to come by I bought Winchester SPMs and have loaded hundreds of 9mm and 38Spl with them, I don’t have a chrono, but they work just fine.

Can you use Magnum primers instead of large rifle primers?

the answer to your question is yes. It doesnt hurt a thing to use mag primers in non-mag caibers. Just be aware that you MUST rework the load up from the beginning. Mag primers generally cause more pressure than standard primers with the same load.

What are magnum primers used for?

Magnum primers are used mainly to ignite slower, hard to ignite, powders. Just follow the data you use. It’ll say if they used Magnum primers or not. Powders from Hodgdon will use them when the cartridge name includes the word “Magnum”.

What primers are needed for 357 magnum?

buck460XVR Member

HS-6, HS-7, H110/W296 do require Magnum primers for . 357 mag.

Can you use small pistol primers for 357 magnum?

ArchAngelCD Member. Like said already, a magnum primer is a function of the powder used in the . 357 Magnum, not the cartridge itself. You only need a Magnum primer ignite hard to ignite slow ball powders like W296/H110, HS-7, HS-6 and the like.

Does 357 use large pistol primers?

Primer size (large, small)

Some cartridges require a large pistol primer (45acp, 44 special, 44 magnum, …) while others require a small pistol primer (9mm, 38 special, 357 magnum, …). Depending on what cartridge you are reloading, you need to buy the proper size primer for that application.

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