What was the name of the rifle that caused problems describe the cartridges?

…the greased cartridges for the Enfield rifles, was a mistake rectified as soon as it was discovered; but the fact that explanations and reissues could not quell the soldiers’ suspicions suggests that the troops were already disturbed by other causes.

What was the origin of the greased cartridge Rumour?

A rumour spread among the sepoys that the grease used to lubricate the cartridges was a mixture of pigs’ and cows’ lard. This had hurt both Hindus’ and Muslims’ religious sentiments which was one of the causes of the sepoy mutiny of 1857.

What was the Rumour about the cartridge?

One of the alleged causes of the Indian Rebellion of 1857 were rumours that the grease on these cartridges designed to keep them dry was, variously, pork or beef fat (pork being abhorrent to the Muslims, cows being sacred to the Hindus), thus their refusal to bite them.

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What was the greased cartridges incident?

The spark that led to a mutiny in several sepoy companies was the issue of new gunpowder cartridges for the Enfield rifle in February, 1857. A rumour was spread that the cartridgeswere made from cow and pig fat. Loading the Enfield required tearing open the greased cartridge with one’s teeth.

How bad was the Ross rifle?

The . 303-calibre, straight-pull Ross was longer than the Lee-Enfield, a problem in the cramped confines of the trenches. It was heavier, too, and in a day when infantrymen were over-burdened, any extra weight was unwelcome. When fired with its bayonet attached, it tended to shed the bayonet.

Why did the Indian sepoys refuse to use the greased cartridges?

The rumors spread that the greased paper was made up of beef and pork. The soldiers felt that it was a move by the British to defame their religion because no Hindu would touch the beef and no Muslim would touch the pork. As a result, the Indian sepoys refused to use greased cartridges.

What factors led to the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857?

  • Three major causes contributed to the Sepoy Mutiny. …
  • The military structure of the British East India Trading Company that separated employment of native Indian people based on the preexisting Indian cast system further exacerbated ideas of racial inequality between the British culture and the Indian culture.

Who controlled India after the Sepoy Mutiny?

In May 1858, the British exiled Emperor Bahadur Shah II (r. 1837-57) to Burma, thus formally liquidating the Mughal Empire. At the same time, they abolished the British East India Company and replaced it with direct rule under the British crown.

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Why did the Indian soldiers refuse to use Royal Enfield guns?

Indian soldiers oppose of Royal Enfield rifle because cartage made up of fats of cows and pics. And a sepoy had to bit of it stop before inserting it. This was not acceptable to Hindus and Muslims regions sentiments alike.

Why did the soldiers find it offensive to bite the paper of the cartridge?

While the Great Mutiny had several causes, British insensitivity to and disrespect of the religions practiced in India, both Hinduism and Islam, provided the spark that began the rebellion. The soldiers objected not to the new gun itself, but to the religious transgression that biting its paper cartridges would cause.

What was the greatest cartridge incident?

Historians have identified diverse political, economic, military, religious and social causes of the Indian Rebellion of 1857. An uprising in several sepoy companies of the Bengal army was sparked by the issue of new gunpowder cartridges for the Enfield rifle in February 1857.

What was the greased cartridges incident Why is it significant?

This incident, popularly known as the Greased Cartridges Incident, became the immediate cause of the revolt. The first soldier to protest against using the greased cartridges was Mangal Pandey. He belonged to the 34thInfantry stationed at Barrackpore. He refused to use the cartridges and was subsequently hanged.

What was the issue of greased cartridges important in 1857?

In my opinion, greased cartridge event was the major factor in spreading the war. It is because it was the event which created unrest in the army and it was the army which dared to take action against the British. The cartridge event was religious, social and political and it united both Hindus and Muslims.

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Why did Canada use the Ross rifle?

The Ross rifle was often a preferred weapon for snipers on the Western front. … Sir Sam Hughes, Canada’s minister of Militia and Defence during the early years of the war, was a staunch supporter of the Ross rifle. He insisted that Canadian troops carry the weapon because of its superior accuracy.

What problems did the Ross rifle have?

The Ross was also susceptible to jamming from dust and dirt and was very finicky about the quality of ammunition. The carefully machined cartridges made by the Dominion Arsenal worked fine, but not so the mass-produced British ammunition, which could vary in size beyond the Ross’s fine tolerances.

How much is a Ross rifle worth?

As for value it depends on if it is full stock or not. If a full stock rifle they can go for up to around 1500$, if a sporter your looking 350$ max. Thanks for the info.

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