What weapon did all of the suitors have when the fighting began?

Also, when the suitors are throwing their spears and shooting, she made it so that Odysseus and his men could not be hit by the suitors, but when they aim at the suitors, Athena made it so that they always hit them. Why does Telemachus ask Odysseus to spare Phemius and Medon?

What weapons did Odysseus use to kill the suitors?

Odysseus reveals his identity in dramatic fashion by killing the arrogant suitor Antinous with an arrow through the throat.

Who helped Odysseus kill the suitors?

Odyssey Characters

Eumaeus A loyal servant of Odysseus, who helps him fight the suitors with Philoetius
Eurycleia An old woman servant , a devoted nurse to both Odysseus and Telemachus in their youth
Eurymachus A suitor who is an evil coward. He tries to blame Antiniousfor all of the suitors actions. He is killed 2nd.

Which weapon will Odysseus use to seek revenge on the suitors when he returns home?

Which event begins Odysseus’ revenge on the suitors? After successfully completing the archery challenge, Odysseus turns and shoots Antinous through the throat.

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How did Odysseus kill the suitors?

Athena appears disguised as Mentor and encourages Odysseus but doesn’t participate immediately, preferring instead to test Odysseus’s strength. Volleys of spears are exchanged, and Odysseus and his men kill several suitors while receiving only superficial wounds themselves.

Which guest can hit all 12 axes?

The suitors each tried to string the bow, but their attempts were in vain. Odysseus then took it, strung it, lined up twelve axe-handles and shot an arrow through all twelve. Athena then took off his disguise, and, with the help of his son, Philoteus and Eumaeus, he slaughtered all the suitors.

How many suitors does Odysseus kill?

How many suitors must Odysseus kill? 108 people desire to take Persephone’s’ hand in marriage.

Does Odysseus kill Phemius?

Thus, in Odyssey 22, Odysseus spares Phemius and Medon due to the intervention of his son Telemachus.

Why do the suitors want to marry Penelope?

Odysseus’ wife Penelope has suitors because of Odysseus’ long absence. They assume that he is dead, and they hope to marry Penelope to inherit all that she has. The suitors believe Odysseus to be dead. They wish to inherit his vast fortune and kingdom.

Who kills Odysseus first?

Odysseus first kills Antinous by shooting an arrow at him while he appears to be drinking from a cup. The buttshaft of the arrow is sticking out of his neck when all is said and done. This is the man who was most after his wife and sort of was the ring leader of the men vying for Penelope’s hand in marriage.

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How does Penelope avoid marrying any of the suitors for 3 years?

Penelope stalls the suitors for three years by saying that she would marry when she is finished weaving a shroud for Odysseus’s family. She would weave during the day and undo her work at night, so she would never finish.

Why does Telemachus not recognize his father?

Telemachus thinks that Odysseus is a god because he has heard of him before and he knows that he left as a young man and should have returned as an old man but he sees he is younger and still claims to be his father. … He thinks it is impossible because there are hundreds of suitors and they are only two men.

What is Odysseus fatal flaw?

He has a tragic flaw, which can best be identified as hubris (an overbearing arrogance or misguided pride) as one of several distinguishing traits.

What God does Odysseus pray to before killing the suitors?

Summary: Book 20

Odysseus worries that he and Telemachus will never be able to conquer so many suitors, but Athena reassures him that through the gods all things are possible. Tormented by the loss of her husband and her commitment to remarry, Penelope wakes and prays for Artemis to kill her.

Who killed Odysseus?

For in a tragic final twist, an aged Odysseus was killed by Telegonos, his son by Circe, when he landed on Ithaca and in battle, unknowingly killed his own father.

Why can’t the suitors string Odysseus’s bow?

Expert Answers

None of the suitors can even string the bow so none of them even gets a shot at the axe handles. The reason that this is so hard is that the bow is very stiff. A stiffer bow is more powerful, but it is much harder to use — you have to be way stronger.

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