You asked: Do you need ID to buy ammunition in New York State?

The ammunition seller or gun dealer must also check a valid driver’s license or other photo identification of the prospective purchaser prior to transfer.

Can anyone buy ammo in NY State?

New York allows you to buy ammo locally, but if you buy it online, you have to have it shipped to a local FFL. … The FFL will record the transaction, and if you’re buying pistol ammo, check your pistol permit. Background checks to purchase ammunition are not (yet) required.

What do you need to buy ammunition in NY?

To purchase ammunition we are now required (per NEW YORK state law) to ship only to Federal Firearms Licensed dealers (FFL, no 03 FFL’s) and that also have a New York state Dealer’s License. These MUST be current, valid, & completely legible.

Can I buy ammo in PA if I live in NY?

According to Ridgway-based state police, it is not illegal for Pennsylvania dealers to sell ammunition to New York state residents, but in some cases Pennsylvania dealers have begun refusing to do so as confusion sets in over the law’s implications beyond the New York state border.

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How many rounds of ammo can you buy in NY?

New York limits any person to putting seven rounds of ammunition into a magazine, unless the person is at an incorporated firing range or competition recognized by the National Rifle Association or International Handgun Metallic Silhouette Association, in which case the limit is ten rounds.

Is it illegal to have bullets in NYC?

NYC Administrative Code 10-131(i)(3) makes it a misdemeanor for a person who is not authorized to possess a pistol or revolver in the city to possess ammunition for the same.

Can I buy a handgun in PA if I live in NY?

NavyLCDR member. Both New York state law AND Federal law allows a New York state resident to receive rifles and shotguns from an FFL in any state, so long as the other state’s law also allows it. There is nothing in PA state law to prohibit a PA FFL from transferring a rifle or a shotgun to a New York state resident.

Can you buy ammo in PA without a permit?

Individuals may only legally possess ammunition if they have a lawful right to have a firearm and the firearm was legally purchased. However, they only have the right to purchase ammunition that is also registered in the State of Pennsylvania and is federally registered to be legal.

Can NY residents buy ammo in Florida?

There are no federal restrictions in buying ammo out of state.

Can I open carry a long gun in NY?

BATH, NY (WETM) – New York is one of two states in the US that prohibits openly carrying handguns with the exception of long guns according to the Giffords law center.

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Hollow points are illegal every place except at the place of purchase, your home, the range or hunting. Although the law is so poorly written that expanding bullets like Federal Guard Dog and bullets with the tip filled with polymer like Critical Defense/Duty are legal.

Can you buy pistol ammo in NY without a pistol permit?

Again, you do NOT under NYS law need to possess a pistol permit to purchase “small caliber” ammunition. Basically, anyone can buy ammo, but in order to use any said ammo in a pistol, NYS requires you to have a pistol permit.

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